• Of memory and strings – Jon Skeet, fuelled by a StackOverflow question investigates the use of Memory when storing lots of strings, and looks at some alternative structures which can result in lower memory use if you are sure your strings are only basic ASCII.
  • How is it even possible for code to be this bad? – Gojko Adzic explores the source code of the Hudson/Jenkins Java based CI server, looking at a number of examples of bad coding practices, explaining why these things are bad.
  • Visitor and multiple dispatch via C# ‘dynamic’ – Shawn Hargreaves takes a look at the Visitor Pattern and Multiple Dispatch, showing how the Dynamic keyword can provide help implementing this by making it perform the method resolution at runtime.
  • MSDN Magazine: April 2011 Issue – The April 2011 edition of MSDN Magazine is now available online. This month sees Azure as the headline topic, with explorations of CQRS in Azure and Caching being explored. Also in this month’s edition are articles on WebMatrix, Map Reduce in F# (running on Azure), TFS Guidance, and all the usual columns.
  • ASP.NET Deployment Needs To Be Fixed – Rob Conery discusses the fragmented landscape of ASP.NET Deployment, discussing why he believes that this should really be a solved problem, discussing the best solutions currently available, and discussing the key features of a Capistrano like deployment tool.
  • Silverlight, HTML5, The Web, The Phone and All That – Joey deVilla discusses the ‘Standards-Based Web, Plug-ins and Silverlight’ post from 3 key Microsoft DevDiv Executives, outlining the key points and decisions you need to make for your developments.
  • Mocks and Tell Don’t Ask – Ian Cooper continues the discussion of Mocks, explaining how his opinion of distrusting mocks has changed over time, discussing the ‘Tell, don’t ask’ principle, and CQRS along the way.
  • Webinar wrap-up: Julian on JavaScript – reading underscore.js – Julian M Bucknall follows up yesterday’s Webinar exploring the underscore.js code with a blog post highlighting some of the salient points from the session.
  • Building a NuGet Server with gold plating – Michael Ceranski looks at extending the standard NuGet Server web application, adding a package list and package upload capabilities
  • Producing and Consuming OData in a Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 application (Part 3) – Michal Crump continues his series of posts exploring the production and consumption of OData within the Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 Platforms. In this post Michael looks at the process of consuming OData on WP7, from the libraries to use to gain the ability to work with OData through a worked example.
  • Why override ToString()? Use DebuggerDisplayAttribute instead – ScottBurk67 looks at improving the debugger experience for your objects examining the use of ToString() overrides, and the better solution of using the DebuggerDisplayAttribute to provide a specific solution to debugger visualisation.


  • Take the Rock Paper Azure Challenge! – Peter Laudati, Jim O’Neil and Brian Hitney announce the Rock Paper Windows Azure Challence, an online competition where entrants write a bot to play a variant of Rock-Paper-Scissors deployed to the cloud.