• Standards-based web, plug-ins, and Silverlight – Three of the most senior people in Developer Division, Walid Abu-Hadba, Corporate Vice President, Developer & Platform Evangelism Group, Scott Guthrie, Corporate Vice President, .NET Developer Platform and S. Somasegar, Senior Vice President, Developer Division, discuss the future of Silverlight in the context of Web Standards and Browser Plugins, showing how Silverlight 5 and HTML 5 answer different requirements


  • Effective Tests: A Test-First Example – Part 2 – Derek Greer continues his series of posts on Effective Tests continuing with his worked example of Test Driven Development writing a Tic-Tac-Toe implementation, continuing adding functionality showing the red-green-refactor steps.
  • So many interfaces! – Eric Lippert turns his attentions to Interfaces, looking at the mechanism of Interface Inheritance in a question/answer, discussing the basics, and exploring how Generics make things more complicated.
  • Static analysis of Simple.Data code to generate databases – Rob Ashton digs into the IL generated from code written with dynamic types, looking at how you could generate database schema from code written against the Simple.Data library, making use of Mono.Cecil. Fascinating stuff.
  • DOT NET TRICKS: Internals of LINQ – Abhishek Sur explores the generated code which powers our use of LINQ in the latest instalment of his Internals series.
  • Write Your Own Debugging Visualizer – Mike Frank shows how you can develop Debugger visualisers to give a better view of your custom types (or any type for that matter) in the debugger
  • The Decorator Pattern – Learning with Shapes – AliAmjad explores the Decorator Pattern, discussing its purpose and use, and sharing a simple example to show how you can implement this pattern in your own code in this CodeProject article.
  • Dynamically load embedded assemblies – because ILMerge appeared to be out. – Jason Jarrett explores an alternative to IL Merge for combining assemblies into a single assembly, looking at storing assemblies as embedded resources and dynamically loading them out of the resource at runtime.
  • Building a photoblog with NancyFX and Simple.Data Part 1: Setting up the project & Part 2: Defining the routes – Kristof Claes kicks off a series of posts looking at building a PhotoBlog application using two of the new and trendy .NET open source projects, NancyFX and Simple.Data. The first part looks at getting the libraries and setting up the project, and part 2 gets into the implementation exporing the route definitions.


  • SQL Herts – User Group for SQL Enthusiasts in Hertfordshire – The newly formed SQL Herts ussergroup is a usergroup for both DBAs and Developers in and around the Hertfordshire area. Their next meeting is scheduled to be held on Thursday 5th May at the University of Hertfordshire, with sessions from Christian Bolton and Jen Stirrup.
  • FREE Bing Developer event at Tech Days in London on May 26th – Eric Nelson highlights an event hosted by the UK Bing team as a part of the UK Techdays events in May. This event takes place in the early evening of Thursday 26th May at Micosoft’s Cardinal Place offices, and will offer sessions on search, mapping and also provide opportunity for you to network with fellow attendees.