• Windows Phone 7 Iconography – Mike Ormond shares a set of image templates for the various pieces of Iconography associated with the Windows Phone 7 Platform, providing images of the correct sizes for each of the purposes, along with guidance for using them. Images are in Paint.Net format.


  • Implementing the virtual method pattern in C#, Part Two – Eric Lippert continues his series looking at implementing virtual methods in C# (as if they didn’t already exist), looking at a solution which uses delegates to static methods stored in fields.
  • Foundations of Programming 2 – Appendix B – Advanced jQuery – Karl Seguin continues sharing the chapters of the second edition of his Foundations of Programming e-book. This section is a second appendix looking at the use of some of the more advanced uses of the jQuery library
  • In JavaScript, curly brace placement matters: An example – Dave Ward discusses the importance of using the K&R style of bracketing in JavaScript, and how the Allman style (common in C# dev) can actually result in errors in the behaviour of your JavaScript.
  • Effective Tests: Test First – Derek Greer takes a look at the origins of Behaviour Driven Development from the Test Driven approaches, surveying and giving examples of these techniques
  • Using EntityFramework with ASP.NET MVC 3 – Rob Conery discusses the management of DataContext Lifetimes in your ASP.NET MVC Applications, sharing a solution using Ninject and hooking into the IDependencyResolver functionality of the framework to create an ActionFilter to manage the DataContext used by your actions.
  • Serializing the WCF Data Service Client State – Peter Qian discusses the serialisation of the state associated with a WCF DataServiceContext to support tombstoning of a Windows Phone 7 Application, discussing the problem space, the various considerations and sharing some best practice tips.
  • ASP.NET WF4 / WCF and Async Calls – Ron Jacobs explores the combining of Workflow Foundation 4 (WF4) Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and ASP.NET, and looks at making asynchronous calls from the ASP.NET site, working step by step (with a supporting video) to show how you go about doing this in a simple case.
  • Unit Testing Workflow Activities with Moles – ‘MicSmi’ expores the use of the Microsoft Research Moles technology for testing WorkFlow activities, discussing the process, how it works and sharing a sample project demonstrating the technique.


  • My Orchard talk for LIDNUG – Bertrand Le Roy highlights the availability of the recording of the Live Meeting session he did for the Linked In .NET User Group (LIDNUG) on the Orchard CMS system, showing how to create a blog using Orchard as an introduction to using this ASP.NET MVC 3 based CMS platform.