• New version of StyleCop released – ‘Tatworth’ highlights a newly released version of StyleCop. V4.5 Preview contains a huge number of bugfixes over the 4.4 release, and also adds 4 new rules to the suite of rules applied / applicable to your code.
  • Phone Tools reaches Beta! – Shawn Wildermuth announces the beta release of Phoney Tools, his library of Windows Phone 7 controls and helper classes for working on the Windows Phone 7 platform.
  • MVVM Light V4 preview 2 (BL0015) #mvvmlight – Laurent Bugnion announces the second preview release of his MVVM Light v4 library. This release contains lots of the functionality which will be in the final release, but users should be aware that there may be bugs lurking,and Laurent is interested in getting feedback on the new functionality.


  • NHibernate and default constructors & Working with NHibernate without default constructors – Krzysztof Kozmic takes a look at the role of constructors when it comes to NHibernate backed entities and looks at some of the alternatives to having constructors which only exist for NHibernate’s use.
  • Edulinq – the e-book – Jon Skeet announces the release of his first pass at converting his fantastic series about re-implementing LINQ to Objects into e-book format. Currently available as PDF MOBI and EPUB formats.
  • Model Binding Decimal Values – Phil Haack takes a look at model binding of the variety of different formats of decimal, sharing a sample which shows how you can create custom validators for specific data types
  • Task Parallel Library: 4 of n – Sacha Barber continues his series of posts on CodeProject exploring the use of the Task Parallel Library. In this post Sacha looks at the use of Parallel LINQ (PLINQ), exploring its use, exception handling, cancelation, partitioning and aggregation.
  • Preparing Your Site for IE9 – The Internet Explorer Team share a number of resources and details of the differences between Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 9 standards modes, valuable information if you are working on compatibility of your applications.
  • IE9 Final RTW Minor Changes List – Eric Lawrence shares the list of changes in the final Internet Explorer 9 release from the Release Candidate release, giving details of the tweaks and bugfixes applied, along with some changes / introductions to some APIs exposed.
  • A Primer on Temporary Internet Files & What is msimgsiz.dat? – Eric Lawrence also provides an interesting look at what Internet Explorer uses the Temporary Internet Files folder for, and looks at the purpose and reason for the msimgsiz.dat file located in Temporary Internet Files
  • DebuggerDisplay attribute best practices – Jared Parsons shares some thoughts on the best practices for using the DebuggerDisplayAttribute to provide custom visualisation of the content of your objects in the Debugger.
  • A Gentle Introduction to NuGet – Joe Mayo gives a nice introduction to NuGet from the point of a developer acting as a user of NuGet showing how to install and work with packages.


  • DDD SouthWest – Proposed Sessions – The Session proposal process for sessions for DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper South West are open until the end of tomorrow (Tuesday 22nd) so if you have a talk you’d like to air at a very friendly conference, or are a new speaker looking to get into speaking, get your proposals in ASAP.
  • DDD Scotland – Register – Registrations have opened for DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Scotland to be held on Saturday 7th May. Some how I missed including this in The Morning Brew last week, and by all accounts places are filling up quickly, and a waiting list will be put into place once the capacity is filled. This is a great conference, and one I whole heartedly enjoy attending.