• Using ActionFilters with ASP.NET MVC and NHibernate – Rob Conery continues exploring the use of AcitionFilters with ASP.NET MVC to control Data Access Sessions and Transactions taking a look at managing NHibernate Sessions, Session Factory and Transactions
  • How to Add MVC 3 Project Types to the Azure Cloud Service Wizard – Jason Haley shares Windows Azure Project Templates for the easy creation of ASP.NET MVC 3 projects using the Windows Azure Web Roles. This post includes links to the templates, along with instructions on the installation.
  • Internet Explorer 9 Compatibility Cookbook & Developer Resources: HTML5 / IE9 Tutorials and Sample Code – Doris Chen highlights the Internet Explorer 9 Compatibility Cookbook, and excellent reference guide to ensuring your own web applications are compatible with Internet Explorer 9, and also highlights tutorials on MSDN looking at the new features supported in IE9.
  • Published Applications AKA _PublishedApplications – Rob Reynolds highlights some work by David Keaveny which brings easy publication support (like Web Projects have) to other project types, making it easy to bundle up your applications into a folder.
  • Windows Azure and scaling: how? (.NET) – Maarten Balliauw is mid way through a series looking at scaling your applications using Windows Azure. In this part he explores programmatic scaling of your application, looking at adding and removing instances using a command line tool.
  • DB Concurrency Control with .NET – Overview – Peter Meinl shares a detailed examination of the concurrency support available in the .NET framework and in databases which are commonly used with .NET, discussing each aspect and sharing samples to illustrate.
  • Loading Assemblies off Network Drives – Rick Strahl discusses the change in .NET 4 which makes loading assemblies from network drives easier, and discusses a workaround for the cases where you don’t get the new behaviour by default.


  • I’ll be talking about JavaScript at Skills Matter on April 5th – Dylan Beattie highlights the talk he will be giving at the London .NET Usergroup event Tuesday 5th April hosted at Skills Matter, where his subject will be JavaScript, with a bit of history and a ot of looking at the funky things going on in the JavaScript space including CommonJS, NodeJS, KnockoutJS.
  • NNUG Online – Mars 2011 – NNUG – The Norwegian .NET User Group are holding their second Virtual event, welcoming Jon Skeet this evening (23rd March) with the event kicking off at 20:30 (local time – GMT+1 I believe)
  • Windows Phone 7 Workshops – Register Now! – Mike Ormond shares the registration links for the Windows Phone Workshops taking place across the UK during April.