• A More Beautiful Web Launches on March 14th – Ryan Gavin makes the public announcement of the plans for the release of Internet Explorer 9, which will be available from 9pm PST on Monday 14th March. With this in mind, the Internet Explorer Team blog takes a look back over the past year of beta and release candidates in their post ‘Blogging IE9: A Year in Review‘.
  • Release Notes – NHibernate – Version 3.1.0 – The NHibernate team have been hard at work and have release NHibernate 3.1.0 GA, a bugfix and improvement update to 3.0 which fixes numerous reported bugs and implements Read only entities and brings the <properties> functionality across from Java Hibernate. Binary and source downloads for the release are available on the NHibernate SourceForge pages.
  • Python Tools for Visual Studio – The Python Tools for Visual Studio CodePlex project has released its first beta of v1.0. This tooling brings an integrated development environment for Python into Visual Studio 2010 making working with Python a more familiar experience for VS based developers.
  • Announcing WCF Data Services March 2011 CTP2 for .NET4 & SL4 – The WCF Data Services Team announce their second CTP release (March CTP2) of the WCF Data Services project, with the major addition being support for properties on Derived Types, a topic to which the devote a whole post to ‘Introduction to Derived Properties


  • Tips on installing Visual Studio 2010 SP1 – Now that Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 is out there, Jon Galloway shares some top tips and advice on getting it installed successfully.
  • Installing all the new stuff – In a similar post, Brian Harry discusses the installation of the latest raft of updates on differing configurations of Sharepoint and TFS, along with defining some of the terminology used when referring to some of the updates / releases this week.
  • Support dynamic fields with NHibernate and .NET 4.0 – Ayende looks at a nice solution to the user defined / custom fields problem by combining a custom extensions table wit NHibernate’s support for dictionary based properties and .NET 4’s dynamic functionality to create an elegant solution.
  • NHibernate – Custom Id-generator – Daniel Wertheim looks at migrating from identity based keys in NHibernate to the HiLo generator, discussing how you can go about this translation, and why you might benefit from doing so.
  • Entity Framework Week Part 2: Conventions and Fluent Mappings & Part 3: Runtime Issues – Ian Nelson continues sharing his experiences of working with Entitty Framework Code First, coming from an NHibernate background, exploring the fluent mappings API and conventions based mapping and looking at cascades, lazy loading and dynamic proxies.
  • Lazy Loading,Eager Loading,Explicit Loading in Entity Framework 4 – Nikolaos Kantzelis also continues his series on Entity Framework exploring in depth the different entity loading strategies, looking how Eager and Lazy loading actually work with a simple example.
  • NuGet Action Plan – Upgrade to 1.1, Setup Automatic Updates, Get NuGet Package Explorer – Scott Hanselman shares three actions you should take to get yourself to .NET Package Management nirvana, getting the latest version of NuGet, ensuring you get notifications of future versions, and make use of the NuGet Package Explorer.
  • Take NuGet to the next level with sample packages – David Ebbo urges developers who are releasing libraries as NuGet Packages to also create Samples packages which help the user learn how to consume the library by providing working code which installs itself as easily as the library does via NuGet.
  • HTML5-MVC application using VS2010 SP1 – nmarun explores the use of HTML 5 in a web application, looking at the minor changes required to get Visual Studio up and running with HTML5, and shares a simple ecommerce system which illustrates some of the HTML5 features. Full source is available.
  • Testing conventions – Krzysztof Kozmic discusses and illustrates how you can write simple tests to ensure you are being consistent in your code, sharing example test from Windsor which ensure that methods on implementation classes and interfaces are consistently marked with Obsolete attributes and comments.


  • Europe Virtual ALT.NET: Recording of Andreas Öhlund on NServiceBus (Part Two) @ E-VAN 08 March 2011 – Jan Van Ryswyck provides access to the recording of Andreas Öhlund’s second session for the European Virtual Alt.Net usergroup on NServiceBus, delivered earlier this week
  • Tech.Days Live – The 2011 schedule for the UK Techdays event has been announced, and registrations are now open. The events, spread across 2 tracks (Developer and IT Pro) over 4 days (Monday 23rd May – Thursday 26th May) will be covering a wide range of topics ranging from Cloud to phone, client to server.
  • Webinar wrap-up: Julian on JavaScript III – Julian M Bucknall shares notes, slides, the recording and sample script from his 3rd instalment of his Webinar series on JavaScript, exploring the depths of the Function in JavaScript.