• .NET Reflector 7 Released – Paulo Morgado highlights the release of version 7 of .NET Reflector from Redgate. This release is the first wholly commercial release of the product, and this update also includes improved support for advanced C# functionality (such as iterator blocks).
  • Machine.Specifications (MSpec) 0.4 – Aaron Jensen highlights the work being done by Alexander Groß on the MSpec project, including changes to the test runners, and the removal of strong naming from the default build.
  • New release of Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework is available for download – March 2011 – Jialiang Ge announces the latest update for the All In One Code Framework. This release adds new Drag and Drop samples for Silverlight, encryption, file upload Code highlighting, multiple window prevention, and a simple search engine for ASP.NET, along with other new samples for Winforms and Workflow.


  • References and Pointers, Part Two – Eric Lippert continues his series on Pointers and References witha look at converting some C based code which used pointers to use ‘managed pointers’ allowing the same types of functionality without the unmanaged risks.
  • C#/.NET Little Wonders: Tuples and Tuple Factory Methods – James Michael Hare continues his Little Wonders series with a look at the framework’s support for Tuples, exploring the basics of Tuples along with looking at them in use.
  • Beyond the Monad fashion (I.): Writing idioms in LINQ – Tomáลก Pet?í?ek goes beyond Monads and looks at what else can be encoded using LINQ, exploring the world of idioms, giving the theoretical background to them, and looking at creating and using idioms in your code.
  • Entity Framework Week Part 4: Features and Further Investigations – Ian Nelson continues his series looking at the Entity Framework code first, exploring it from the point of view of a developer who is familiar with NHibernate. This post sees Ian explore some of the functionality requirements (such as caching, querying, concurrency, bulk operations, ec) which may be needed for his application, and looks at how Entity Framework addresses them,
  • Using NuGet without committing packages – David Ebbo looks at how you can work with NuGet on your project without needing to commit packages to your source , showing how the support for reading and loading packages from Pacages.config allows you to quickly and easily get the required dependencies.
  • T4 vs Razor – what’s the skinny? – Gareth Jones shares a comparison of T4 and Razor concocted by the two teams, outlining which is good for which purpose, and providing the reasoning why there are two similar projects as they are good for different purposes.
  • "Bart Simpson’s Guide to Windows Azure"[How can I beat that title?] – Greg Duncan highlights a nice article from Yaron Naveh, sharing a number of good practices for working with Windows Azure to help you keep your spending on the Azure platform to the minimum.
  • Manos de Mono – Louis Salin explores the use of the Manos de Mono web framework built using Mono, looking at the implementation of a simple service against the platform.