• Announcing Gallio and MbUnit v3.2.3 – Yann Trévin announces the 3.2.3 release of Gallio / MbUnit, introducing a raft of new features for MbUnit, such as the NHamcrest port of Hamcrest the assert library, support for testing for attributes, case insensitive string marching, Identity Impersonation for tests, and much more


  • You Really Should Be Using NuGet – Justin Etheredge shares a really nice article discussing the purpose of NuGet, and running through a getting started guide to get you up and running, and familiar with its use.
  • Using a custom build of MVC 3 – David Ebbo looks at how you can re-write existing ASP.NET MVC3 projects to use a custom built version of ASP.NET MVC built yourself from the source available on CodePlex, sharing simple project file replacements you can use to make it work.
  • Effective Tests: Introduction – Derek Greer kicks off a new series of posts looking at the creation of good automated tests, and in this first part he discusses the key types of automated test
  • Internet Explorer 9 Security Part 1: Enhanced Memory Protections – Eric Lawrence discusses some of the key features of Internet Explorer 9 which look to protect against three different types of attack, looking at the use of DEP/NX (Data Execution Prevention / No eXecute), ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) and SafeSEH (Safe Structured Exception Handling), and how they help protect you.
  • MVVM For Silverlight/WP7- the Refcard… – Greg Duncan highlights the latest RefCard from DZone which details the MVVM Design Pattern and its use in Silverlight applications for both Desktop, browser and mobile based applications.
  • GDC 2011 – Miguel de Icaza looks at the use of C# in game development, looking back at its position in times past, and exploring how the XNA and the Mono Project’s projects have led to it becoming a serious contender in the space.
  • BDD Simply with Bddify – Mehdi Khalili shares Bddify, a simple lightweight Behaviour Driven Development library which focuses on simplicity of use and the production of good reporting. Full source is available.


  • JetBrains night at Bristol .NET User Group – Hadi Hariri highlights the Bristol .NET Usergroup’s JetBrains evening, a free community event were Hadi will be delivering some sessions on the JetBrains tooling available for .NET Developers. The event takes place on the evening of Monday 14th March at the University of West England, and the event is open to all, with no registration required.