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  • Visual Studio 2010 enhancements – Somasegar shares the announcements he is announcing as a part of his Keynote address at TechEd Middle East, including the availability of Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 for MSDN Subscribers later today (8th March), with general availability on 10th March. Also announced and released today are the TFS Project Server Integration Feature Pack which improves the integration of TFS an MS Project Server, and the Visual Studio Load Test Feature pack, both available for Visual Studio Ultimate MSDN Subscribers.
  • Native Extensions 2.0 For Microsoft Silverlight Released – Davide Zordan highlights the release of the Native Extensions 2.0 for Silverlight, which adds support for Touch APIs, System Tray Integration, and implementation of the Single Instance Pattern, interception of Windows API messages through the browser plugin, along with a number of bugfixes.


  • References and Pointers, Part One – Eric Lippert kicks off another series of posts exploring the manipulation of references to values, and the use of Pointers in C#
  • Defining Default Content For A Razor Layout Section – Phil Haack explores the use of Layouts in your Razor based Views, and shows how they can be used in conjunction with the Templated Razor Delegates from a previous post to create a very powerful layout based templating solution.
  • Basic JavaScript Part 11: Functional Initialization – Jan Van Ryswyck continues his series looking at the JavaScript language, sharing an index of the previous posts, and also sharing and discussing a piece of beautiful JavaScript he saw in the 11 More Things I Learned from the jQuery Source screencast by Paul Irish.
  • Effective NHibernate Session management for web apps – Jose Romaniello explores the session per request pattern in NHibernate, looking at two implementations of this pattern, one in the main NHibernate, and the other in the uNhAddIns.Web library.
  • Entity Framework Week Part 1: Introduction, Configuration and Initialization – Ian Nelson documents his experiences in getting to grips with Entity Framework 4 in the first post of a 5 part series, looking in this part at the configuration and Initialization of Entity Framework Code First.
  • Identity Map Pattern and the Entity Framework – Nikolaos Kantzelis continues his series looking at the use of Entity Framework with ASP.NET applications, exploring the Identity Map Pattern and its implementation in Entity Framework in this 7th part of the series.


  • Register for ASP.NET Security Webinar – OWASP Top 10 Web Vulnerabilities – Mehul Harry highlights a DevExpress Webinar featuring Barry Dorans delivering a session on the OWASP top 10 Web Vulnerabilities, explaining them in the context of an ASP.NET website, and showing how you can defend against such attacks. The virtual event is on Monday 14th March at 10am PDT, register now to book your space.
  • Don’t forget to attend the IE9 developer Live Meeting this Thursday – Eric Nelson highlights the Internet Explorer 9 ISV Developer LiveMeeting, your opportunity to get answers to your pressing questions on upgrading your products to work with IE9. The live meeting is happening on Thursday 10th March at 11am.