• Castle Visual Studio Integration 0.4.0 – Jonathon Rossi announces both binary and source release of v0.4.0 of the Castle Visual Studio Integration which brings colourisation and Intellisense for the NVelocity language to Visual Studio 2010. The binary for this release is available from the Visual Studio Extension Manager.
  • Prism Template Pack 1.4: Now with MEF Support! – David Hill highlights the release of the latest version of the Prism Template Pack, taking the version to 1.4, and introducing support for MEF and Unity into the templates, adding those possibilities to the choice between C# and VB.NET, and Silverlight and WPF.
  • Performance Troubleshooting Article and VS2010 SP1 Change – Jason Zander hints at an imminent release of Visual Studio 2010 Service pack 1, discussing some of the changes that will be being made to help improve reliability of the product on Windows XP to do with Hardware Acceleration.



  • Webcast on NServiceBus with Andreas Öhlund – Udi Dahan gives a reminder that the much awaited second part of Andreas Öhlund’s NService Bus presentation is being held by the European Virtual Alt.NET Usergroup, tomorrow (Tuesday 8th).