• Alternatives To .Net Reflector – Adrian Banks looks at some of the offerings, both free and commercial which are alternatives to .NET Reflector, giving a brief overview of each offering, and reminding use that there is plenty of choice in this area for those evaluating the different possibilities
  • Mindscape Phone Elements released! – Mindscape announce the release of their latest control collection, a library of controls for the Windows Phone 7 Developer. This collection includes a rich charting suite, along with numerous other controls, and the MindScape team have spent a lot of time tuning and optimising the performance of these controls.
  • WhatsNew – Mercurial – The Mercurial team announce the release of version 1.8 of Mercurial, a release which includes improvements to the stability of Mercurial when running on Windows, support for Git sub repositories along with various other enhancements and bugfixes
  • TortoiseHg v2.0.0 – To go with the new Mercurial release, the TortoiseHg team announce a major new release, taking their project to V2.0. This new release changes the whole way of working with Tortoise, introducing features to help educate uses in the use of Mercurial at the command line, a new merge resolve tool, and much more.
  • WebStresser: A very simple web load testing tool – Mike Hadlow shares a simple implementation of a Web load testing tool which is available in both binary and source formats, providing a simple means to put your we based services under load with a variety of options for configuring the type of load to produce.