Apologies to UK and European readers today for a slightly late edition of The Morning Brew – you folks are going to have to read today’s content with your mid-afternoon beverage of choice due to me forgetting to set the correct posting time for today’s post as I’m still in a considerably different timezone.


  • PragPub for March – The Pragmatic programmers announce the March edition of PragPub their online magazine for developers which looks this month at testing web services and cloud based projects, along with a look at the relation between punk rock and programming.
  • Oredev Videos on Responsibility Driven Design and Internal DSL’s with C# – Jeremy Miller highlights the availability of videos of two sessions he delivered at Oredev last year, with one session exploring Compositional design practices, and the other exploring implementing domain specific languages in C#3
  • A Windows Phone 7 Application Starter Kit – Dr. Z highlights the release of a Windows Phone Application starter kit, intended for use by schools to create an application which consumes RSS feeds. Full source and instructions for its use are provided giving another starting point for getting into WP7 development
  • Leaving patterns & practices – J.D. Meier, who has been featured on this blog a number of times, announces that he is leaving is role in the patterns and practices team at Microsoft, and looks back at his time there and links to the vast array of content created during that time.
  • Passing a parameter so that it cannot be changed – C# – nmarun takes a look at how you can use ReadOnly collections to prevent the collections you pass into methods being from being modified
  • The Cost of Delay – Louis Salin looks in detail at the effects that delay can have on your company, product, and process improvement efforts
  • Windows Phone Development Quickstarts – Wes Yanaga highlights the Windows Phone Developer Quickstarts included on the AppHub site, a series of simple recipe based resources which help you get what you need to get done.
  • Custom Application Block Tutorial Included in EntLib Extensibility Labs – The Patterns and Practices guidance site highlights the release of an update to the Enterprise Library Hands-on Labs for extending the Enterprise library, which now includes guidance on creating custom application blocks