• Simple.Data 0.5 – Mark Rendle announces the 0.5 release of Simple.Data, his answer to the simple data access strategy introduced by Microsoft in WebMatrix. This update removes the dependency (and use) of the Reactive Extensions for .NET, improves the NoSql support, and also exposes more of Simple.Data’s internal types to allow improved testability of other provider implementations.
  • The State of Axum – Niklas Gustafsson gives an update on the Axum project, announcing how the project is unlikely to continue into productization, and reflecting on the projects successes and influence into the next versions of C# and VB.NET
  • Windows Embedded Compact 7 is available! – Olivier Bloch announces the public availability of Windows Embedded Compact 7 following a series of OEM beta releases, sharing video, labs and whitepapers about this new version.


  • The Reactive Extensions Now Live on MSDN Data Developer Center – Matthew Podwysocki highlights the new home of the Reactive Extensions, now a part of the MSDN Data Developer Centre, along with new resources and methods of getting the reactive extensions into your projects.
  • Want to see inside a Windows Phone 7 game? I’ve opened-sourced Simon Squared – Samuel Jack announces the open sourcing of his Simon Squared Windows Phone 7 game, giving fellow developers a fantastic opportunity to learn from a real world implementation of a Game based on the XNA framework for WP7.
  • JavaScript Architecture – Simon Ince explores two differing approaches to the architecture of JavaScript solutions, discussing the reasons for these differing approaches, and the advantages and disadvantages of each way of working.
  • Guidelines and rules for GetHashCode – Eric Lippert explores the various rules and guidelines about implementing GetHashCode, looking to separate the hard and fast rules from the things that are less strictly required, and discussing the uses of this method, and the key points in its implementation.
  • ASP.NET MVC 3 w/ Razor Infrastructure Template – Adron Hall shares an infrastructure project template for ASP.NET MVC 3 which utilises Razor and entity framework, and is a project template which he plans to build upon, including implementations of common patterns and useful functional following a test driven approach.
  • Unit tests are overrated – Krzysztof Kozmic continues his discussions of testing practices with a discussion of the importance of choosing the right type of test for the job you are trying to do, discussing how most of the tests in the Castle Windsor Container project are not ‘Unit’ tests but infact integration tests exercising the whole stack.
  • Mocking DbContext Entity Framework 4 Code First CTP5 with NSubstitute – Sean Kearon takes a look at the NSubstitute Mocking Framework using it in some examples to mock the DBContext in Entity Framework 4, showing some of the simplicity of use of this framework.
  • DynamicModuleUtility – K Scott Allen highlights the inclusion of the Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure assembly as a part of the ASP.NET MVC 3 release, and looks at the use of the DynamicModuleUtility class it includes to allow you to register HTTP Modules using code.
  • HTML5 Web Storage in Essence – Wayne Ye explores the new HTML5 Web Storage, and how it provides a viabale replacement for the standard cookie, looking at how you can work with it using JavaScript and looking at its implementation in Internet Explorer 9 RC and Chrome.