• Sharp Architecture 1.9.5 Released – Alec Whittington announces the release of Sharp Architecture 1.9.5, the latest update to this MVC based project architecture. This release brings things back upto date with an upgrade to ASP.NET MVC 3 RTM and .NET 4 for the solution, along with providing an implementation of the IDependencyResolver, available should you wish to use it. This is the last planned 1.X release as the team is already well under way with the V2.
  • TestApi v0.6 Released! – Ivo Manolov announces the relase of TestAPI 0.6. Test API is a helper library for testing which provides a variety of APIs for performing testing, including String Generation, Input Simulation, Fault Injection etc. This release includes changes across the project, along with signifying the move to hosting on CodePlex.
  • MVVM Light V4 preview (BL0014) release notes – Laurent Bugnion has released a preview of the V4 of his MVVM Light framework. This update contains changes across the project, including an improved PropertyChanged Event, support for partial trust, improved serialisation support (allowing for tombstoning on WP7) and much more.


  • Strange, but legal – Eric Lippert looks at an uncommon, but still perfectly legal use of both abstract and override in a property declaration
  • C#, Clean up your Linq-queries and lambda expressions – Daniel Wertheim takes a look at a technique for making your LINQ queries more readable, testable and expressive by extracting the rules for queries into classes giving them names and context.
  • A Dynamic Data Utility for WebMatrix – Rob Conery talks about his latest forray into the world of Data access / ORM, a dynamic library, similar in theme to Mark Rendle’s Simple.Data. Rob will be talking about this today at MvcConf.
  • The Value of Symmetry – K. Scott Allen talks about where he values symmetry in code, showing a couple of simple examples where symmetry (or the lack of) helps show complexity.
  • Pragmatic web service design – Garry Shutler shares his thoughts on the best practices for designing web services, discussing choice of protocols, Web Method and granularity, versioning, and breaking changes (Don’t ever).
  • ORM anti-patterns – Part 5: Generic update methods – Mehdi Khalili continues his series looking at Anti-Patterns in working with Object Relational Mappers, looking ain this post at the updating of large parts of the object graph with Update(Customer) type methods, discussing eh downsides in terms fo higher complexity of work, more chance of conflicts, etc, and explores some alternatives.
  • A Circular ProgressBar Style using an Attached ViewModel – Colin Eberhardt takes a look at how you can re-template the standard Silverlight Progress bar to turn it into a circular progress ‘bar’
  • ASP.NET MVC Performance Tips – Marcin Doboz shares 3 ASP.NET MVC performance tips, outlining why you shouldn’t pass null models to views, why you should disable unused view engines, and should make use of the IIS URL Rewrite module.


  • MvcConf MVC Q&A call for questions – Jeffrey Palermo reminds us that today is the MvcConf virtual conference, and that he will be hosting the Question and Answer session, so if you have any ASP.NET MVC questions, this full session of Q&A is the ideal opportunity, so submit your questions via his blog post.
  • Video: Learn How Good C# Habits Can Encourage Bad JavaScript Habits – Mehul Harry shares the recording of Elijah Manor’s session on ‘Good C# Habits Can Encourage Bad JavaScript’ which was delivered as a webinar