• New JavaScript library for OData and beyond – WCF Data Services Team announce a new poject hosted on CodePlex which aims to allow you to work more easily with data in formats such as JSON and OData. ‘datajs’ is a cross browser JavaScript library which brings helpers for obtaining data in OData format and enabling you to work with it.
  • LLBLGen Pro v3.1 released! – Frans Bouma announces the release of LLBLGen Pro 3.1, the latest update to his Object Relational Mapper Designer and framework. If you already have a license for 3.x this is a free upgrade, and brings numerous new features including support for model only relationships, an extensible import system, field ordering, along with significant performance improvements to the LLBLGen Pro Runtime framework.



  • jQuery Manchester Meetup – The second gathering of the jQuery Manchester (UK) group will be happening on Tuesday 8th March 2011 at Manchester Digital Laboratory. This meet up sees Jon Bines hosting a session on building ‘Sexy Navigation’ in a live coding session, and DJ Adams on JSON.
  • LDNUG FEB 16th Raven DB and CQRS – The London .NET User Group feature two DDD9 presentations giving you a great opportunity to see two of the sessions you may have missed. The meeting, on Wednesday 16th February features Rob Ashton delivering his session on RavenDB, and Ian Cooper on Command Query Responsibility Separation.