• The 2010 Niney Award nominees have been announced – Raymond Chen highlights the Niney Awards, Channel 9’s awards for contributions to the developer community with the winners being awarded based on community votes
  • Some videos from DDD9 Sessions – John Price highlights the availability of videos from the sessions at DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper 9 which were hosted in Chicargo, including Mike Hadlow on Monads, Liam Westley on Async, Paul Stack on Continuous Integration, Helen Emerson on CSS and Andy Gibson on MVC.
  • Boilerplate talk slides for DDD9 – Dan Maharry shares the slides from his session at DDD9 on the HTML5 Boilerplate Project.
  • DDD9, teaching Jon Skeet C#, and fun with exceptions – Mark Rendle shares his impressions of DDD9, on having Jon Skeet in the audience for his talk, and discussions of some of the techniques from his session on Functional C#
  • jQuery Conference: Boston 2010 – Videos from the jQuery Conference held last year are now available online, with over 25 sessions already available and more still to come. The videos, including the keynotes from John Resig and Richard D Worth cover all aspects of jQuery, from JavaScript testing to HTML6.