Repeated browser crashes this morning have resulted in some of today’s potential links being locked away from me for the time being, meaning today is a little shorter than usual (although hopefully the DDD9 roundup will help offset that). Depending on the quantity of link worthy content I’ll either put out a ‘Morning Brew #785b’ later today or save them for Monday’s edition.




  • Video Series: How To Give Great Presentations – Guy Smith-Ferrier highlights (the long awaited) release of a series of videos he recorded for Microsoft’s User Group Support Services on presentation tips for usergroup presenters. If you are planning on making the step up to present at a UG or conference, or even if you are a seasoned presenter, these tips will be most useful to you.

Developer Developer Developer 9

I had a fabulous time at DDD9 last weekend, and as promised earlier in the week, here is a round up of all the DDD9 related content I’ve come across this week.