• An open letter to the .NET community – Neil Davidson, Co-CEO at RedGate announces their change in plans regarding the Reflector tool. From version 7 the product will be a commercial only offering, with licenses costing £35
    • Reflector No Longer Free – Chris Eargle discusses this change in license and what it means for developers and RedGate
  • StreamInsight Now Available Through Microsoft Update – The StreamInsight Team announces the distribution of Stream Insight 1.1 over the Microsoft Update Service, which will install V1.1 along side any pre-existing 1.0 installation


  • Redirecting Routes To Maintain Persistent URLs – Phil Haack looks at a technique for maintaining URIs for your pages when using ASP.NET Routing, allowing you to provide real permanent URIs by redirecting one route to another, sharing the solution via a NuGet package
  • The Pragmatic Bookshelf – The Pragmatic Bookshelf team release the February edition of PragPub, their online magazine for developers. This edition celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Agile Manefesto and Agile Alliance, looking back at all of their Agile related articles, along with a look at Abstraction, refactoring and De Morgan’s Law.
  • Service location is (not) always evil – Rob Ashton takes a look at dependency injection and the service locator pattern discussing why calling to the container need not be an absolute crime.
  • Fun with Noun Pluralization libraries and the .NET Framework – Scott Hanselman highlights a little known library tucked away as a part of the Entity Framework Designer support in the full .NET 4 Framework which provides a means of pluralisation and singularisation of english nouns.
  • Downloading a local NuGet repository with PowerShell – Jon Galloway shares an update to an original script from Steve Michelotti which allows you to download a full NuGet repository allowing you to work off line and providing a useful solution to freezing your dependencies whilst still using NuGet.
  • Using DbContext in EF Feature CTP5 Part 8: Working with Proxies – Arthur Vickers continues his series of posts on the new CTP of Entity Framework Features, with this post looking at working with the Entity Framework’s dynamic proxying features.
  • Task Parallel Library : 1 of n – Sacha Barber starts a new series on CodeProject looking at the Task Parallel Library looking initially at the basics of creating and running tasks, handling exceptions in tasks and working with the UI.
  • Windows Phone 7 Content On Demand, Pt 2 & Pt 3 – Mike Ormond highlights the availability of the video of sessions from the DDD Windows Phone 7 event held in Manchester last year. All 8 sessions from the event are available now on Channel 9, and Mike has all of them embedded into these posts for easy access.
  • Make It Yours – K. Scott Allen talks about how you should take a general purpose framework (like ASP.NET) and put your own abstractions and constraints over the top to make a more specific purpose framework fit for your needs, illustrating with an example.
  • Modified version of Rob Conery’s TextMate VS2010 Theme that works with Razor – John V. Petersen shares an updated version of Rob Conery’s TextMate Visual Studio Theme which provides good colouration for the Razor view syntax.