• WebMatrix Launch- Today at CodeMash – Jim O’Neil highlights the launch of WebMatrix at CodeMash today (13th Jan). The event is being streamed live, starting at 12:30PM EST / 5:30PM GMT
  • WP7CertInstaller Released – David Hardin shares the first version of WP7CertInstaller on CodePlex. This tool shows how you can install trusted root certificates on the Windows Phone 7 device, especially useful if you need to use self signed certificates in development
  • Announcing MvcMailer – Send Emails Using ASP.NET MVC View – S. M. Sohan shares the first version of MvcMailer, a library which makes sending complex customised emails from ASP.NET MVC much easier, making use of the standard ASP.NET MVC Views to generate the content for the email, allowing you to use the power of the MVC view engine to perform the customisation.
  • Announcing YUI 3.3.0 – The Yahoo! User Interface Team announce the latest version of YUI, Yahoo!’s JavaScript UI library. This new version supports the latest web browsers (Firefox4, IE9, Android 2.2), new syntactic sugar methods on Nodes, a new AutoComplete widget, re-written charting, and much more.


  • Uploading Packages To The NuGet Gallery – Phil Haack highlights the new NuGet Gallery site, discussing its role in making package creation easier, walking through the submission process, and talking about the future direction of the Gallery.
  • Reimplementing LINQ to Objects: Part 32 – Contains – Another day, and Jon Skeet has another LINQ to objects method added to his re-implementation. In this post Jon looks at the implementation of the Contains LINQ method, taking his usual approach looking what it does, declaring tests and sharing the re-implementation and looking at what can and cannot be optimised.
  • Basic JavaScript Part 6: Automatic Semicolon Insertion – Jan Van Ryswyck continues his series on Back to Basics JavaScript, taking a look at the non-mandatory nature of semi-colons in the JavaScript language.
  • Defining unit tests – Jimmy Bogard shares a definition of Unit Tests from Michael Feathers, and discusses why he likes this definition. There seems to be good discussion breaking out in the comments on this post so they are well worth reading too.
  • IntelliSense for Razor Hosting in non-Web Applications – Rick Strahl discusses how you can get Intellisense for Razor templates when the Razor engine is being used in non-web applications, and walks through the process of getting it up and running in your projects.
  • HTTP Module in detail – Jalpesh P. Vadgama provides a back to basics post on the HttpModule discussing its purpose and implementation.
  • Unit testing an HttpModule with NUnit and RhinoMock – Kenneth Uildriks looks at the processes requried to test a custom HttpModule using NUnit and RhinoMocks allowing you to test the HttpModule without requiring IIS.
  • 15-Day Extensions Offered for Windows Azure Platform 30-Day Passes – Roger Jennings highlights a 15 day extension available to Windows Azure Platform 30 day passes which will add a further 15 days to your free Azure experience.
  • The CSS Corner: CSS3 Media Queries – Sharon Newman takes a look at the support for CSS 3 Media queries in Internet Explorer 9, and shows how and where this functionality can be used to provide better layouts for certain screen sizes.