ASP.NET MVC 3, WebMatrix, Nuget….


  • ReSharper 5.1.2 is Released – The team over at JetBrains announce the release of ReSharper 5.1.2, a bugfix and update release for the V5 product line which introduces fixes to stop intellisense interference with Razor, improvements to intellisense in watch windows, along with various other improvements and speedups.
  • VsVim Update Released (Version 0.9.4) – Jared Parsons announces the latest update to his Vim emulation layer for Visual Studio 2010 which brings Vim keybindings to the Visual Studio IDE
  • SharpDevelop 4.0 Final – Last week the SharpDevelop team released their latest version of the SharpDevelop IDE, a free OpenSource development environment for .NET development. This new version brings loads of new features to bring parity with .NET 4 with full WPF and Entity Framework Designers, support for IronRuby and IronPython, and much more
  • Scaffold your ASP.NET MVC 3 project with the MvcScaffolding package & MvcScaffolding: Standard Usage – Steve Sanderson announces the MVCScaffolding NuGet package which brings a very simple way of creating a skeleton MVC user interface which you can then build upon.



  • Online YUI 3 Introductory Course Monday, Jan 17th – Luke Smith is hosting a free online half day course on Developing with the Yahoo! YUI JavaScript library on Monday 17th January running from 9:30am PST to 1pm
  • Event: .Net on a chip! – Tuesday 1st March 2011 sees Ryan O’Neill delivering a session to the Oxfordshire NxtGenUG usergroup on the .NET Micro Framework