• Secret Project – Martin Carolan shares his secret project ‘Event Spy’ a means of observing all the events being fired by a .NET application, and providing a viewer to observe these calls making it easier to find out what is going on in your applications and also making discovering how 3rd party libraries are working.


  • VS 2010 SP1 and SQL CE – ScottGu’s Blog – Scott Guthrie shares a comprehensive post looking at the support for Sql Server CE included in the Visual Studio 2010 / .NET 4 Service Pack, giving a walk through of its use along side Entity Framework and ASP.NET Webforms and MVC.
  • C# In Depth – Optional Parameters and Named Argument – CodeBetter, in conjunction with Manning Publications are sharing an excerpt from Jon Skeet’s C# in Depth 4 book on Optional Parameters and Named Arguments in C#, along with a promo code to get 40% off the full book.
  • Reimplementing LINQ to Objects: Part 31 – ElementAt / ElementAtOrDefault – Jon Skeet also presses on with his series on recreating LINQ to Objects ith a look at the ElementAt / ElementAtOrDefault selector methods
  • Introducing the NuGet gallery – David Ebbo gives an update on the work being done to make submitting NuGet packages easier, and unveils the NuGet Gallery site.
  • Monads in C#-3. Creating our first Monad – Mike Hadlow continues his session preparation for his DDD9 session on Monads in C#, and this post looks at composition of functions from ‘amplified’ types
  • RavenDB & HTTP Caching – Ayende discusses the role of HTTP caching in RavenDB (and other REST based applications) and how it provides the basis of the second level cache for calling applications.
  • Shifting testing strategies away from mocks – Jimmy Bogard discusses the evolution of his testing strategy and how he has moved away from mocking all dependencies of a class and instead is using the actual implementations in his tests, along with how his testing style has evolved towards BDD style tests.
  • ORM anti-patterns – Part 3: Lazy loading – Mehdi Khalili has a series of posts on Anti Patterns for ORM based applications which is already up to part three. This particular post discusses Lazy Loading anti-patterns and solutions to those anti-patterns, and previous posts looked at Active Record and Batch updating. With another 6 parts planned this is one to watch.
  • Dot Remoting – Server Activated, SingleCall Technique – Sivaraman Dhamodaran shares a simple sample application which makes use of remote objects using .NET Remoting, illustrating how objects can be created remotely and interacted with from a client process in this CodeProject article.


  • Silverlight Cream for January 11, 2011 — #1024 – Many congratlations to Dave Campbell for reaching the 1024 post mark with Silverlight Cream – The Brew doesn’t contain much Silverlight news mainly because I don’t work with it, but also because Dave does such a good job with the Silverlight and related topics – if you are not reading already go check Silverlight Cream out.