• Oh no, It’s Monday – New agile testing newsletter – Gojko Adzic shares the first edition of what may become a weekly news letter covering all things agile testing, TDD, BDD. This first edition highlights a number of related articles, software tools, books and podcasts.
  • VB Core – New compilation mode in Visual Studio 2010 SP1 – The Visual Basic Team discuss the introduction of a new compilation mode for VB.NET as a part of Visual Studio 2010 which compiles the VB Runtime into the built output, allowing VB.NET code to be run on .NET implementations which do not include the VB.NET Runtime (Like XNA and WP7).
  • EF Feature CTP5: Pluggable Conventions – Rowan Miller discusses the Entity Framework Feature CTP5’s support for implementing your own conventions for how entities map to databases and how these can be plugged into the entity framework.
  • Demystifying Silverlight Dependency Properties – Dan Wahlin discusses Silverlight Dependency Properties, one of the concepts which makes picking up Silverlight and understanding it more difficult, and sets about removing the mystery giving a concise overview of their purpose and use.
  • Reimplementing LINQ to Objects: Part 30 – Average – Jon Skeet continues his series reconstructing LINQ to Objects with a look at another aggregate operator, Average, once again looking at the original requirements, exploring a test case and sharing a re-implementation.
  • FubuMVC’s Configuration Strategy & FubuMVC, Routing, and the Front Controller Pattern – Jeremy D. Miller continues his series looking at his FubuMVC project exploring how FubuMVC is configured and showing how its routing is implemented
  • Unit Test Naming Convention – Steve Smith takes a look at the naming of test cases and fixtures outlining a style which he feels works well, and sharing an example of it in use.
  • Unobtrusive JavaScript with jQuery, HTML 5 Style – Mike Ormond shares an article from Simon Ince of the Premier Support for Developers group. In the short article, which will be included in the UK MSDN Flash newsletter, Simon takes a look at working with jQuery and HTML 5 to enhance your web pages in a progressive way.
  • Getting Started with Sharepoint 2010 – Free Book – Suprotim Agarwal highlights a new Getting Started With guide for Sharepoint 2010 published by Microsoft. The e-Book is available in PDF and Word format and explores the new features, upgrade process, along with looking at recommended deployment configurations.


  • TechDays online conference 20 January – limited places still available – Rachel Collier highlights the TechDays online conference being held on Thursday 20th January. There are still a limited number of places available for the event that is subtitled ‘Build and App for that’ which will look at creating applications using a range of the latest .NET related technologies.