• Json.NET 4.0 Release 1 – .NET 4 and Windows Phone support – James Newton-King announces the first release of Json.NET 4, now targeting the .NET 4 runtime, and also supported on the Windows Phone 7 this version adds support for the latest version of the JSON and BSON Schema, along with being able to utilise .NET 4 features like Dynamic and a whole host of other new features, changes and fixes.


  • MSDN Magazine: January 2011 Issue – The January 2011 edition of MSDN Magazone is available on-line, featuring articles exploring Windows Workflow, Dynamic Data, cloud project templates, MEF use in Silverlight to support MVVM, Unity Interceptors, XNA, and much more.
  • PragPub—January 2011 – The Pragmatic Bookshelf have released the January edition of PragPub Magazine on-line, and this month look at Code Coupling, Quality Assurance, Agile adoption, and pattern matching.
  • The Weekly Source Code 58 – Generating (Database) Test Data with AutoPoco and Entity Framework Code First – Scott Hanselman continues with his Weekly Source Code series with a look at using Rob Ashton’s AutoPoco project to generate test data for Code First Entity Framework Entities, showing how AutoPoco’s fluent interface makes it easy to construct data with a good range of variety in setup.
  • Investigating an OutOfMemoryException & Solving an OutOfMemoryException – Ayende shares a real world Out Of Memory exception in his profiler application caused by a particularly large SQL Query with lots of parameters, and looks at how assumptions about the data we are going to handle in our code can effect how efficient our code is, and how data that differs from expectations can cause problems.
  • Strong-naming assemblies and OpenWrap – Seb Lambla discusses some of the complexities for Package Management in providing dependencies when the assemblies involved are strongly signed, seeks feedback from the community as to which option to address these issues is best.
  • NuGet versioning Part 3: unification via binding redirects – David Ebbo looks at similar issues and discusses how NuGet works in these cases.
  • Integrating ASP.NET MVC 3 into existing upgraded ASP.NET 4 Web Forms applications – Scott Hanselman runs through the process required to upgrade a ASP.NET 2 web application to ASP.NET 4 in VS2010 and looks at how you can then configure the project to support a mix of ASP.NET WebForms and ASP.NET MVC3 in the same upgraded project.
  • Reimplementing LINQ to Objects: Part 26a – IOrderedEnumerable & Part 26b – OrderBy{,Descending}/ThenBy{,Descending} – Jon Skeet continues his series looking at re-implementing LINQ to Objects with a look at the more complicated area of ordering of results, looking at the functioanlity required to perform ordering and then exploring the implementation of the actual operators which apply ordering.
  • LINQ Macros – ‘cmeek’ looks at how you can wrap up common ‘boilerplate’ LINQ constructs to avoid having to repeatedly write these sections of queries in full, illustrating with an implementation for a Left Anti Semi Join.
  • Adventures in performance tuning – Mark Simms looks at the performance optimisation of storage and reading data in a StreamInsight event processing system, looking at the format of the data and the parsing of the data back into structure for processing.
  • Preprocessed Razor Templates – K. Scott Allen follows on from his previous post on PreProcessed T4 Templates with a look at achieving the same using the Razor template system and a Visual Studio Custom Tool for performing the PreProcessing.
  • RIA Services Output Caching – Mathew Charles discusses the use of ASP.NET Output Caching with WCF RIA Services to help improve the performance of your services.