• New release: 1.1.2 – KnockoutJS – Steve Sanderson announces the latest release of Knockout, his MVVM implementation for JavaScript UIs. This new release introduces a number of enhancements to observables and bindings, along with addressing some reported issues in the previous release.
  • StyleCop for ReSharper 5.1.14977.000 – Howard van Rooijen announces an updated release of the StyleCop for ReSharper 5.1 plugin which brings real time highlighting and fixing of StyleCop rules into the Visual Studio IDE. This release addresses some bugs and performance issues from previous releases.
  • Mono for Android – Miguel de Icaza announces the opening Mono for Android preview program, giving you an opportunity to get you hand on the pre-release Mono for Android release and have a spin at creating .NET based applications for the Android platform.
  • Mini Memory Dump Diagnosis using Asp.Net – Sundara Prabu .T highlights a CodePlex project which provides a means of taking Mini Memory Dumps when you web application encounters an unhandled exception, providing you with more information about what caused the error and assisting with debugging.


  • NuGet versioning Part 1: taking on DLL Hell & Part 2: the core algorithm – David Ebbo discusses the problem space of versioning that the NuGet team have tackled, exploring the core issues that needed to be solved, and talks about how NuGet handles versioning.
  • Preprocessed T4 Templates – K. Scott Allen looks at the runtime text generation capabilities of T4 Processed Templates showing how simply they can be used to generate text dynamically in just a handful of lines of code.
  • VS2010 SP1: T4 Template Inheritance Part IV – Regular template inheritance – GarethJ continues exploring T4 Templates looking in this post at using regular templates to provide extensibility and customisation using inheritance sharing a demo solution to illustrate the functionality discussed.
  • The BCL bug of the day – Ayende discusses an interesting issue using the .NET 4 dynamic support with anonymous types as a return value when calling across multiple assemblies.
  • WP7: When does GC Consider a Local Variable as Garbage – ‘abhinaba’ explores the Windows Phone 7 Garbage Collector, showing how it differs from the desktop GC implementation, and shares some tips for ensuring your WP7 apps release memory the way you would want them to.
  • Getting TransactionScope to play nice with NHibernate – Matt Wrock looks at the interactions between NHibernate and the .NET TransactionScope implementation, examines some of the problems you can encounter when combining these technologies, and shares some code which enforces the correct operation order of the two.
  • End of support for Visual SourceSafe – Rachel Collier highlights the end of mainstream support for Visual SourceSafe in April 2011, and uses this opportunity to highlight resources to help transition to TFS, including a Live Meeting event on 8th February.


  • NxtGenUG – Packaging up Seb – The Southampton NxtGenUG welcome Seb Lambla on the evening of Thursday 17th February 2011 who will deliver a session on his OpenWrap .NET packaging framework.