• Spec Explorer 2010 Release 3.4 now available! – Xiang Li announces the latest release of Spec Explorer 2010. Release 3.4 brings a number of new features along with enhancements and bug fixes, including improvements to Validation, Dynamic traversal for test case generation and much more.


  • Foundations of Programming 2 – Chapter 3 – IoC 180 – Karl Seguin shares the first draft of Chapter 3 of the updated Foundations of Programming eBook. This chapter takes a look at Inversion of Control in dynamic languages, and explores metaprogramming in Ruby to gain a better understanding of IoC.
  • Razor Syntax Quick Reference – Phil Haack shares a Razor view engine Quick Reference sheet which focuses on the syntax, also providing a link to a guide to Razor which looks at the basics of web programming using Razor.
  • Razor Tip #1 – K. Scott Allen shares a tip showing how you can force the Razor View Engine to run pieces of C# where they may look like an email address which would typically be ignored by the parser.
  • The design of RavenDB’s attachments – Ayende discusses the implementation of attachments in RavenDB, allowing files to be included along with documents rather than within documents, and shares some of the reasons the implementation is as it is.
  • Developing web apps using ASP.NET MVC 3, Razor and EF Code First – Part 1 – Shiju Varghese kicks off a series of posts looking at constructing a Web Application using ASP.NET MVC3, the Razor View Engine, and th Entity Framework Code First Functionality, along with Dependency Injection provided byUnity 2.0. In this code heavy first part the domain model, unit of work implementation, EF plumbing, Unity implementation, and Simple ASP.NET MVC pages are all discussed, and full source is available for download.
  • Entity Framework Code-First, OData & Windows Phone Client – Jon Galloway continues the full stack project with a look at exposing data to a Windows Phone application usung Entity Framework and OData hosted in an ASP,NET MVC application
  • Use WinDbg and SOS.DLL with multiple CLR instances SxS in the same process – Yi Zhang shares some help with debugging processes which contain multiple versions of the .NET CLR loaded through the Side By Side (SxS) feature of .NET 4, showing how you can get meaningful debugging with WinDbg and SOS
  • Putting mocks in their place – Jimmy Bogard shares some recommendations for working with mock objects discussing how and where best to use them, and discussing some of the coupling issues with tests using mocks which can cause problems when refactoring.
  • Windows Phone Blue Book Pdf – Rob Miles highlights the availability of his ‘Blue Book’ on Programming Windows Phone 7 in C# as a standalone PDF
  • Reimplementing LINQ to Objects: Part 26c – Optimizing OrderedEnumerable – Jon Skeet presses on with his series on re-implementing LINQ to Objects with a look at implementing a better sorting algorithm for his OrderedEnumerable implementation.
  • Parameter Substitution within Expression Trees – Nick Polyak takes a fascinating look at swapping parameters of Linq expressions with alternative expressions, allowing new functions to be generated from each other, and shares a library for performing this swapping.
  • SayIt, don’t spray it! [Free program (and source code) makes it easy to use text-to-speech from your own programs and scripts] – David Anson shares his experiments with using the the Windows Text to Speech engine from .NET showing how easily you can make use of this functionality, and releasing a simple program you can use with full source to illustrate.


  • mvcConf – the Virtual ASP.Net MVC Conference – mvcConf, an online conference for all things ASP.NET MVC will be happening on Friday 1st February 2011 from 8am to 5pm CST. The organisers are now looking for session proposals from the developer community, so if you have something ASP.NET MVC related you’d like to present, get in touch with the organisers.
  • Party with Palermo: MVP Summit 2011 – save the date – Jeffrey Palermo announces the date for his MVP Summit 2011 ‘Party With Palermo’ pre-conference party which will be on the evening of the Sunday 27th February.