• JetBrains TeamCity 6 is Released, Bundles dotCover – JetBrains announces the release of TeamCity version 6, the latest edition of their continuous integration and build management server. New in this release is the inclusion of DotCover ‘in the box’ providing code coverage reporting as a part of the build.
  • WiX v3.5 escrow build is now available to download – Aaron Stebner highlights the status of the latest WiX build which has put Wix in ‘escrow mode’ meaning that there are zero active bugs. Obviously this means that this version is a great candidate to update to, and in doing so (and testing it) you will help the team verify that this build is ready to become the final 3.5 build.


  • 24 ways – web design and development articles and tutorials for advent – Drew McLellan kicks off the 5th year of 24 ways, a web development advent calendar bringing a quality web development related article from well know authors every day in the lead up to Christmas.
  • Windows Advent Calendar – Rob Margel highlights the Windows 7 Advent Calendar, a Silverlight application which highlights a different Windows 7 feature for every day of advent.
  • Enterprise Integration Anti-Patterns #2 – Shared Assemblies – Ian Nelson continues his Enterprise Integration Anti-Patterns series of posts looking at why he considers Shared assemblies to represent an anti-pattern, and how functionality can be shared in enterprise applications without sharing assemblies.
  • WebFormContrib – Sample Part 1 – Deran Schilling shares some of his experiences using the WebFormsContrib framework in real projects to make his WebForms applications more MVC like.
  • The joys of date/time arithmetic – Jon Skeet discusses the complexities of time and date arithmetic and working with time periods and the challenges that this brings to the Noda Time library.
  • Web Server and ASP.NET Application life Cycle in Depth – Massimiliano Peluso takes a nice detailed look at the lifecycle of an ASP.NET Application, looking at both the Web Server and ASP.NET parts of the process in this CodeProject article.
  • Pooled Lifetime Manager for Unity – Ricardo Peres shares an implementation of a object pool lifecycle for Unity which creates a pool of objects of a particular type and then reuses the items from the pool


  • DDD9 – 29th Jan 2011 – Vote for Sessions – Session submission for the DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper 9 conference to be held in Reading on Saturday 29th January 2011 has now closed, which can mean only one thing, now is the time for you to pick which sessions you want to see at the event in the session voting.