• Firebug 1.6.0 – The FireBug team have released FireBug 1.6, the latest update to the excellent client side debugger for FireFox 3.6. This new release adds a variety of new features across all areas of the product, and is being pushed out over the extensions update for all users who already have previous versions installed.
  • Adding color printing back to Visual Studio 2010 (via the new, free, Color Printing Extension) – Greg Duncan highlights the availability of a Visual Studio 2010 extension which brings colour printing of source code with syntax highlighting to the Visual Studio 2010 IDE.
  • VsVim Update Released (Version 0.9.3) – Jared Parsons has released a new update to the VsVim Visual Studio extension which brings Vim bindings to Visual Studio. This new version introduces many bug fixes along with improved clipboard support (+), Vim style expression support, and support for :substitute.
  • Windows Azure Platform Training Kit – November Update – Bill Zack highlights the release of an updated Windows Azure Platform Training Kit which corresponds to the November 2010 1.3 SDK release including a number of new labs covering the CDN, Advanced Worker and Web roles, the Virtual Machine role, Caching, AppFabric Service bus and Windows Azure Connect.


  • Draft: ASP.NET Web Pages with Razor Syntax – Gunnar Peipman highlights the availability of a draft of a new book from Microsoft on building ASP.NET Web Pages using the Razor Syntax. Weighing in at 280+ pages this is an in depth look at all things Razor and looks well worth a download.
  • NHibernate Code Base Analysis – The NHibernate blog host a guest post from Patrick Smacchia (Creator of NDepend) giving an in-depth report of the state of the NHibernate code base based on analysis performed using NDepend, discussing the code quality, and areas which can be improved.
  • Basic to Basics: Understanding IoC Part 2 (Creation) – John Sonmez continues his back to basics series looking at Inversion of Control looking at how IoC can provide a means of replacing your object creation statements with calls to the container (or even better, and abstraction over the container such as the Common ServiceLocator)
  • Using Isolated Storage on Windows Phone – Paul Sheriff shares a nice simple example of using Isolated Storage on the Windows Phone 7 platform, discussing the sample project and providing the full source for the sample.
  • Exploring Reactive Extensions – Adding a Dash of Linq – Alex Ullrich looks at the use of Linq with the Reactive Extensions and how it allows you to query sequences of events in an easy and powerful way.
  • Combine and compress JavaScript and CSS files in ASP.Net MVC – Renso Hollhumer shares sample code for combining and compressing JavaScript and CSS files that you would normally include individually into your pages in ASP.NET MVC v1+
  • Changes in Windows Azure Storage Client Library – Windows Azure SDK 1.3 – The Windows Azure Storage Team share the change log for the storage client outlining a number of breaking changes made in the 1.3 version of the SDK, along with discussing the bugfixes and improvements made.
  • AutoTest.NET – Jan Van Ryswyck highlights AutoTest.Net, a project inspired by ZenTest from the Ruby world which will run all your tests every time you save a file or perform a build, allowing you to shorten the feedback cycle when developing.


  • Webinar – Technical Debt – Gary Short shares a recording of his webinar on technical debt, looking at the concept of Technical debt from the point of view of Architects, Developers and IT Pros.