• Announcing Silverlight 5 – Scott Guthrie blogs the announcement of Silverlight 5, made today at the The Future of Microsoft Silverlight – keynote yesterday. The full recording of the keynote is available online, so you can watch the announcement for yourself, or get the highlights from Scott’s post. The beta release of Silverlight 5 will be in Spring 2011 with the final release being second half 2011.
  • Why a 64-bit runtime for Silverlight 5 Matters – Bart Czernicki discusses why he feels that the 64-bit runtime for Silverlight, announced in the plans for Silverlight 5 is a significant one.
  • Silverlight 5 Beta announced – Mike James highlights some of the key features of Silverlight 5, and also links to a number of other blog posts on the Silverlight / HTML5 debate.
  • WCF RIA Services Toolkit December 2010 – Jeff Handley highlights the December 2010 edition of the WCF RIA Services Toolkit which builds on top of the WCF RIA Services V1.0 SP1 Beta. This new release includes significant improvements to the T4 Code Generation, a new MVVM-Friendly DomainDataSource and an update to the Windows Azure Table Storage DomainService.


  • Handling Events with Reactive Extensions – Mike Battista takes a look at event handling using the Reactive Extensions on the Windows Phone 7, sharing the benefits of Rx brings to the table when handling events
  • Grouping Routes Part 1 – Phil Haack takes a simple look at grouping routes together by common parts of them and then looks at a more complex and feature rich way, digging down inside the way Routing works.
  • If you’re building web apps, this will just take 2 minutes – Don Smith highlights a survey from the Patterns and Practices team which they are using to help focus some new guidance on building web applications. If this is your field, go give them some answers to help shape their direction.
  • Static type langagues – Louis Salin follows up on a Twitter conversation which suggested “If you need a static typed language, then you don’t pay enough attention to your tests.” with a look at the benefits of a static typed language
  • Type systems and their advantages – Matt Hinze shares his thoughts on the dynamic vs static typed languages debate which has recently resumed, looking at the issues from both standpoints.
  • The case against Interfaces in TDD – Jimmy Bogard highlights an interesting post from Mark Ploeh discussing how interface use in TDD style development is not always about providing an abstraction. Jimmy builds on this topic with some discussion of how the situation changes (or doesn’t) if you drop these interfaces.
  • C#/.NET Toolbox: Generic Reversing Comparers – James Michael Hare starts a new series of posts sharing Generic Utility Class implementations. In this first part, he shares some helpers for comparisons in.NET.
  • Rebuilding the PDC 2010 Silverlight Application (Part 1) – Mike Taulty kicks of a series of posts looking at the construction (or re-construction) of his Silverlight based PDC2010 session video downloading application. These post will be a walk through of the steps involved in re-creating the application.
  • Slash your ASP.NET compile/load time without any hard work – JKealey shares a number of tips which can help you to improve the performance of your ASP.NET Compile / Load time, looking at compilation time, application first load time, and other general performance tips.