• Announcing: Visual Basic Windows Phone 7 Support RTW – Jason Zander highlights the RTW release of Visual Basic support for building Windows Phone 7 Silverlight application, and in this post Jason links to the downloads and walks through the creation of a simple Tip Calculator application.
  • VB Goes Mobile: Announcing "Visual Basic for Windows Phone Developer Tools – RTW" – Lisa Feigenbaum and the VB.Net team announce the release of the Windows Phone 7 tooling for VB, linking to the various announcements from across Microsoft and to the downloads for English, Spanish, French, German and Italian localisations.
  • Azure SDK 1.3 and Visual Studio Tool Released! – ‘tonyguid’ highlights the release of the Windows Azure SDK 1.3 and updated tooling for Visual Studio which adds support for hosting of custom VHD images, full IIS support in WebRoles, Remote desktop access, role configuration and deployment support, along with a lot more.
  • MefContrib sees the light of day! – Andreas Håkansson highlights the 1.0 release of MefContrib, a community project to add functionality to the Managed Extensibility Framework. The library adds a number of new catalog types, along with integration with Unity and a custom export provider which allows you to take control of instance creation.
  • BCL Extensions Source Code released on CodePlex – Frans Bouma highlights the release of the BCL Extensions and Algorithmia libraries from Solutions Design (the creators of LLBLGen) as open source on Codeplex. The BCL extensions are a suite of .NET 3.5 extension methods which add a variety of functionality to core BCL types. Algorithmia will be released later in the week and is a collection of algorithm and data structure implementations.