• Introducing Nancy, a lightweight web framework inspired by Sinatra – Andreas Håkansson announces his new Open Source project, a web framework inspired by the Sinatra framework from the Ruby world. This project brings that style of web programming to the .NET world, which aims to operate well on both IIS/.NET and Mono/FastCGI


  • Quick introduction to Pex – Gunnar Peipman gives a brief overview of the functionality available to MSDN and academic users in the Pex Library/tooling, showing how it can analyse code to discover problematic value combinations and uncover errors.
  • Time-travel with .NET or DateTime, DateTimeOffset and the lost DST hour – Greg of the BCL Team discusses the complications of the Daylight Savings Time clock change, discussing some of the complications and bugs that this time change can introduce into our applications, along with sharing some recommendations for handling the clock change well.
  • Revisiting Normalization and De-normalization – Kenneth Downs discusses the concepts and reasons for using Normalisation and De-normalisation of your database schema arguing from a database perspective of the importance of good normalisation.
  • RavenDB – Image Gallery Project (XVIII) – Adding Edit Functionality (II) – Rob Ashton continues his series looking at building a real world Image Library application using ASP.NET MVC and the RavenDB Document Database
  • Compile your MVC Razor views into a separate dll – Chris van de Steeg walks through the process of building C# code for Razor view files allowing them to be compiled into a DLL making it possible to ship views as you would compiled code.
  • Getting The Route Name For A Route – Phil Haack discusses the use of the name of a route and how its not exposed as standard, along with showing how you can obtain (and modify) the name of a route using a set of Extension Methods.
  • All-In-One Code Framework Code Sample Index – The All-In-One Code Framework Team have been publishing indexes of the many samples which make up the All-in-one Code Framework, covering a huge range of technologies including Windows Shell, COM, Visual Studio Extensibility, WPF, IIS, Azure, and much much more.
  • Developing applications for Windows Phone 7 – Intro – Rafal Kwiek kicks off a new series of posts on building applications on the Windows Phone 7 platform, looking at both Silverlight and XNA applications. The discussion of the Download and installof the tools and the first screencast looking at writing a Hello World application are already online
  • A Brief Introduction to F# – Mike Ormond shares a guest article from Mark Bloodworth giving an introduction to the F# programming language giving a simple introduction to doing things in this functional language.
  • Finding Controls in a Master Page with jQuery – Steve Wellens discusses a variety of techniques for locating and working with controls in master page templates from client side code using jQuery.


  • VIDEO: Mark Rendle’s Talk at the inaugural Cloud Evening – ‘Planky’ highlights the availability of the video recording from the first Cloud Evening User group event, featuring Mark Rendle discussing the new features of Windows Azure announced at PDC.
  • BDD with “TickSpec“ talk – Phillip Trelford highlights the availability of the video recording of his session on TickSpec, and Tomas Petricek’s on Concurrency with Agents from the F#unctional Londoners event last week.
  • PostSharp Training Day, London – Gael Fraiteur highlights the availability of free places on a training day focusing on Aspect Oriented Programming with PostSharp – an all day event to be held on Thursday 2nd December in London.