• Demo of Image Optimizer – Mads Kristensen has released his image optimizer Visual Studio 2010 Extension available now on the Visual Studio Gallery (and source available on CodePlex), and has recorded a video screencast showing the extension in operation.


  • NHibernate and Mapping Aggregates – Ian Nelson discusses the use of Formulas in NHibernate Mappings to retrieve counts of child entities in collections without loading the full collection, and looking at alternatives to this approach.
  • Adding a design mode to your MVC app – Derek Fowler shares a technique for having a design mode in your ASP.NET MVC Application using ‘design mode’ controllers which return fake data, making it possible to style and view Views that make up parts of complex processes (like checkouts) without having to got through the application processes.
  • Difference between int.Parse and Convert.ToInt32: – Jalpesh Vadgama looks at two different ways of converting a value to an int, highlighting the subtle difference between the two techniques
  • Gold Nugets – Tyler Brinks has created a site which allows you to rate and comment on the publicly available NuGet packages. the site consumes the NuGet OData feed so should always be up to date, and provides a useful resource for checking out what others think of a particular package.
  • How do you prefer getting bundles of technologies? – ‘Tatworth’ highlights a poll from Scott Hanselman enquiring about how developers prefer to get technologies bundled together. Take a moment to give you opinion.
  • How to consume a web service from within SQL Server using SQL CLR – ‘maspeng’ looks at how the CLR support in SQL Server enables consuming external web services from within SQL Server. I’m not sure how much of a good practice this is, but its certainly interesting.
  • All-In-One COM Code Samples – The All-In-One Code Framework Team highlight the samples from within the All-In-One Code Framework which relate to COM


  • Developer Day Scotland 2011 – Date Announced – Scottish Developers announce the plans for Developer Developer Developer Scotland 2011 which will follow the familiar Developer Developer Developer Comminuty Conference format and will be a free Saturday event held at Glasgow Caledonian University on 7th May 2011. I’ve really enjoyed this event in the past am looking forward to visiting Glasgow for the event next year.
  • Oredev Talk – Greg Young highlights the availabiliy of video from his Øredev session on ‘Things to Make You a Better Object Oriented Programmer’, joining the ~25 other videos from this year’s conference currently on the Øredev channel on Vimeo
  • Tech-Ed 2010 – Download the presentation videos free – Ray Fleming highlights the availability of the videos from the TechEd Europe 2010 conference. A quick look at the site suggests that there are ~300 videos from this year’s conference now available.