• Announcing the F# Compiler + Library Source Code Drop – Don Syme highlights the source code release of the F# 2.0 Compiler and core library which are available as a part of the F# PowerPack. The Code is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.
  • BizSpark Graduation Offer for Startups – Somasegar announces the details of the Graduation stage of the BizSpark programme with news of them waiving the $100 exit fee, along with discounts on future software updates under Software Assurance and MSDN Subscription. Additionally, software acquired under the BizSpark programme can continue to be used once the programme has been exited
  • JavaScript Can’t Do Math – SilverlightCalculator A New Silverlight OSS Project – Rod Paddock releases a Silvelight Calculator application which provides methods for simple mathematical operators (add, subtract, divide, and multiply) which can be called from JavaScript and give consistent results (Helping avoid some of the problems inherent in JavaScript maths.)



  • Building Software: Ayende’s way – Ayende returns to SkillsMatter on the evening of Thursday 18th November to do an open session discussing how he goes about creating software, looking at architectural decisions and the process of releasing software.
  • Friday fun – win a #windowsphone7 on the UK MSDN blog – Rachel Collier is running another 1 day caption contest which gives you the opportunity to win a Windows Phone 7 Device. Entries must be in by 10pm GMT Today (5th November).