• Code Sample Update from Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework (2010-11-05) – The All-In-One Code Framework team announce their latest release of code samples. The November 5th update brings samples for Bing Maps in ASP.NET applications, Consumption of external web services, ASP.NET Session sharing between multiple subdomains, App Domains, detecting Registry changes, Cancelling edits on Silverlight Data Forms, and much more
  • Windows 7 Phone Database Rapid Repository v1 Released – Sean McAlinden announces the version 1 release of his Windows Phone 7 Database Rapid Repository project. This project brings a simple to use repository for storing entities implementing the common CRUD operations.
  • 7 Coding4Fun Windows Phone 7 applications released! – The Coding4Fun Team have been busy creating Windows Phone 7 application samples. This post outlines the applications which will all have source code available and articles written to explain their development.
  • Elegant Code » Extended WPF Toolkit – Release 1.2.0 – Brian Lagunas highlights the latest update to the Extended WPF Toolkit. This release adds 3 new controls to the library, a Button Spinner, NumericalUpDown and a RichTextBoxFormatBar providing access to common Rich Text formatting functions.



  • Alt.Net.UK – Next Event – 19th/20th November 2010 – Ben Hall highlights the next UK Alt.NET event, to be held at Thoughtworks’ London office on Saturday 20th November 2010, with the evening planning session on the Friday evening. Limited numbers of tickets are available now.
  • NxtGenUG – A Mono-Phonic Start to 2011 – The Birmingham branch of the NxtGen User Group welcome Chris Hardy and his session on MonoTouch and MonoDroid on the evening of Tuesday 18th January 2010
  • NxtGenUG – XDD – Exception Driven Develop – On Wednesday 17th November , the Manchester NxtGen Usergroup welcome Phil Winstanley and his session on Exception Driven Development, discussing how monitoring exceptions can help direct your development and allow you to fix issues sooner than if you wait for a user to report them.
  • WPUG: Demos and lessons learned – Windows Phone 7 – The Windows Phone User Group are hosting a demo evening on the evening of Tuesday 30th November where the Windows Phone Developer Community will be able to demonstrate some of the applications that they have been working on, and share the lessons they learned in building the applications.
  • Building Awesome Apps for Windows 7 Simulcast with Kate Gregory – Wendesday November 24th sees Kate Gregory presenting on ‘Building Awesome Apps for Windows 7’ and the event will be simultaneously broadcast online so we can all enjoy this session which will explore the Windows API Code Pack, and building touch based Windows 7 applications. The event kicks off at 6:30PM EST (so its a late one for us in the UK)
  • Microsoft Platform Ready booth at TechEd Europe – and a FREE book – If you are attending TechEd Europe 2010, drop by and see Eric Nelson at the Microsoft Platform Ready booth and if you are one of the first 50 UK ISVs to sign up) you can be the recipient of a printed copy of the community authored ‘The Windows Azure Platform: Articles from the Trenches’