• Team Explorer Everywhere 2010 SP1 Beta is available for download! – Brian Harry announces the release of a beta of TeamExplorer Everywhere 2010 SP1. This beta realease comes with a golive license allowing you to use it in your general development, and brings more TFS features to your Eclipse based projects, including gated checkin support, localisations and much more.
  • Windows Azure Platform Introductory Special Extended to March 31, 2011 – The SQL Azure Team highlights the extension of the introductory special offer which gives you a small number of Windows Azure instance hours, storage, SqlAzure and data transfer for free, allowing you to try Azure for free.
  • Enterprise Library roadmap – Grigori Melnik outlines the future plans for the Enterprise Library team through to mid-2011, including smaller more frequent releases than in the V5 time frame, including the Enterprise Library Silverlight Integration Pack, Enterprise Library Extensibility Hands-on Labs, SqlConfigurationSource, and Enterprise Library Web Integration Pack.
  • DocMounter 2: A tool to build VS.NET documentation (now with Sandcastle) – 10Tec share the second version of their DocMounter tool for generating documentation from your code. This new version now supports extensibility and allows you to use other compilers like SandCastle, NDoc, etc. This CodeProject article runs through the features of this tool.
  • Red Gate Labs on a shoestring – Richard Mitchell discusses RedGate’s new Labs project where they are releasing smaller tools which didn’t end up being turned into comercial products. Many of the tools here integrate with other products in their range, and some are standalone, but all are worth checking out.


  • Back To Basics: What is an Interface? – John Somez continues his series of back to basics posts with a discussion of the concepts and use of interfaces in code. Derik Bailey follows on with some further discussion on this subject in his post
  • A Response To "What Is An Interface" By John Sonmez
  • You are only as fast as your slowest bottleneck – Ayende discusses an important concept in understanding the performance of your (or anyone elses) applications, looking at an instance of this involving the decision to compress (or not to) data.
  • MSDN Magazine: November 2010 Issue – The November 2010 edition of the MSDN Magazine is now available online, with articles ranging from writing API documentation, SQL Azure Development, Multithreaded programming using Tasks, and much more.
  • MVC – Where To Put Business Logic? – Ian Nelson provides a nice concise answer to a common question about where to locate your business logic code in an MVC application
  • Pragmatic Programmers Magazine, Novemeber 2010 – The Novemeber 2010 edition of the Pragmatic Programmers magazine is now available
  • 10K Apart – Nishant Kothary & Joshua Allen of the The Internet Explorer Team highlight the some of the great entries to the 10K Apart contest where full web applications had to be created in 10K or less code


  • OpenSpaceBeers #2 – The Second OpenSpacesBeers event is planned for the evening of Wednesday 24th November 2010, to beheld in Bar Soho, London. This Open Spaces style event is aimed at developers in any technology, and aims to discuss common topics and issues regardless of the platform. Registration is required, and space is limited
  • CodeFest 2 – The DevEvening Usergroup have organised their second CodeFest event for Wednesday 1st December at the Bird in Hand Pub, Woking. This event sees every participant implement a player for a simple game, and then each participants player plays the other participants players to find an overal winner
  • NxtGenUG Event: Not a DRY eye in the house – The Coventry branch of the NxtGenUG welcome Mark Rendle and his session on keeping your C# code DRY, showing tricks and tips to enable you to write more DRY code. The session is scheduled for Monday 13th December 2010 at the Royal British Legion in Coventry
  • All NHibernate Day materials and videos are online – Simone Chiaretta announces the completion of the work to get all the sessions from last months NHibernate Day event in Bologna available as video for those who were not able to attend to watch. The Videos can be streamed online, and also downloaded for offline viewing.