• Mo controls, mo controls, mo controls… [Announcing the second release of the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit!] – David Anson announces the release of the November 2010 release of the Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 Toolkit. This release drastically increases the available controls with new list controls, transitions, autocomplete, improved documentation and a bunch of bug fixes
  • Simple.Data 0.2.0 available – Mark Rendle announces his first stable release of Simple.Data. Simple.Data is intended as an alternative to the Microsoft.Data.dll assembly which caused significant discussion when it was released. Mark’s Simple.Data aims to provide a more testable API, but with the simplicity of the Microsoft offering.



  • Skills Matter : London .NET User Group : C# 5 – Skills Matter hosts Mads Torgersen tomorrow evening (Thursday 4th November) talking about the new functionality for C#5 announced at PDC last week.
  • Caliburn.Micro Contest – Rob Eisenberg launches a competition with prizes (MSDN Subscriptions and Re-Sharper licences) looking for nice sample applications for his Caliburn.Micro library. Entries must be licensed under the MIT license, and entries will close on 1st December 2010.
  • The Full Stack – videocast series with Jesse Liberty and Jon Galloway – Jon Galloway highlights his new video podcast series which features Jessie Liberty and Jon building a full, real application using the whole technology stack from server side technologies to the Windows Phone (and every thing between)