• Visual Studio Tools for IronRuby – Christopher Bennage highlights the Visual Studio tooling included in the latest IronRuby release which includes template projects for common Ruby applications such as Ruby on Rails 3, Sinatra, Gems, and Silverlight.
  • WPF Ribbon October Release – Pete Brown highlights an update to the WPF Ribbon wihich fixes a number of issues in the first release (including ClearType Support), along with adding support for its use in the Visual Studio Express editions.
  • Windows Phone Developer Tools October 2010 Update – The latest update to the Windows Phone 7 Developer tools is out, bringing an updated Bing Maps control which boasts improved performance, Phone Capability Detection tool to establish the phone features your application uses, and the Windows Phone Connect Tool allowing you to connect to a Windows Phone 7 device without Zune software.
  • Goodbye to an old friend… – ‘walbourn’ highlights the beginning of the end for Windows XP, discussing the end of your ability to purchase this version of Windows which passed on the 22nd October, discussing the significance of this version, and highlighting that support will continue to 2014.