• We’re Renaming NuPack – Phil Haack highlights the decision to rename the NuPack project due to a naming clash with another software project. The project team have a number of suggestions, and you can vote on the name you think is best.
  • Dolphin Deploy: Deploying applications using IronRuby – Ben Hall discusses and shares Dolphin Deploy, a Prototype IronRuby based Domain Specific Language for handling the deployment of ASP.NET Applications. Full source is available, and Ben is looking for people to get involved in the project.
  • New Components and Contributors for IronPython and IronRuby – Jason Zander announces some changes to the leadership and model for the IronPyton and Iron Ruby projects, with the aim of increasing the ability of the community to contribute to the projects.



  • Agenda (With Videos) – NHibernate Day – The NHibernate Day Conference organisers have got the video footage and slides from most of the sessions at the the recent NHibernate Day Conference on-line now, so you can view all the sessions across both tracks on demand
  • Sessions (With Videos) – SQL Bits 6 – The SQL Bits team have released the video footage from the SQL Bits 6 conference from May this year, providing a valuable resource of detailed SQL Server knowledge, and the opportunity to see the sessions you missed
  • FREE workshop on using Bing Maps with SQL Server and SharePoint on November 2nd in Reading – Eric Nelson highlights a Free event to be held at Microsoft’s Reading campus which will be looking at the use of Bing Maps with SQL Server and Sharepoint, exploring the integration of these three technologies in a workshop format. The event is free, and registration is required.
  • "Modern Windows 7 Applications" (UK Steve Ballmer Event Recording) – Mike Taulty highlights the video of his session on Modern Windows 7 Applications, exploring the WPF Ribbon, Application Restart/Recovery
    , Taskbar integration, Chromless Windows and a bunch of other great features, from the recent Steve Balmer UK event.