• Releasing StreamInsight V1.1 – The Microsoft StreamInsight Team announce the release of StreamInsight 1.1 which brings a number of new features including support for .NET sequences as event sources, support for side by side installation with previous versions making upgrading easier and a number of enhancements to performance and stability
  • Azure Storage Explorer 4 Beta 1 Released – David Barrett highlights the release of Azure Storage Explorer, Version 4 Beta 1, a useful tool which allows you to view the contents of Azure Containers and Blobs, view queues and messages and view table storage tables
  • Announcing YUI 2.8.2 – Important Security Update for All Users of YUI 2.4.0-2.8.1 – The Yahoo User Interface team announce an important security fix release which addresses security issues in the YUI 2 Flash component infrastructure in all versions since 2.4.0. If you are utilising YUI, check your version and upgrade if necessary


  • ASP.NET Developer Guidance Map – J.D. Meier discusses the ASP.NET Developer Guidance Map from the Patterns and Practices team which provides a useful means of locating good information about the range of features and technologies which make up the ASP.NET Space.
  • Continuation Passing Style Revisited Part Three: Musings about coroutines – Eric Lippert presses on with his latest series on Continuation Passing Style of programming, looking in this part at coroutines, talking about their style of cooperative multitasking, and looking at yield return as a similar concept in C#
  • Equality vs Identity – Part I & Part II – Luis Abreu looks at the concept of identity and equality in C#, looking at the implementation of the Equals method for objects and value types, and exploring GetHashCode and its use in dictionaries.
  • Inheritance Mapping: A Walkthrough Guide for Beginners – Pedro Ardila of the Entity Framework Team gives a beginners guide to the mapping of Inheritance hierarchies in EF, looking briefly at each of the strategies for performing the mapping.
  • Returning Dynamic Types from an Ajax Web Service Using C# 4.0 – Scott Mitchell highlights his series of posts on returning server side data to client side code, and discusses the possible use of Dynamic return types in Ajax methods to avoid the need for a data transfer object.
  • Execution Plans – Indexing to achieve optimal query plans – Ted Krueger shares a detailed article which looks at the use of SQL Server execution plans as a means of directing your indexing strategy to improve performance, looking at a number of scenarios where the need for specific indexes can be identified from the execution plan of a query.
  • The Case of NUnit Hanging During Startup – Liran Chen shares another example of a real world application hang and how attaching WinDBG can quickly and easily establish what the problem is, giving you enough information to resolve the problem.
  • Unit Testing – MsBuild Series – Mark Kemper continues his series on automating your build processes with MSBuild with a look at hooking up NUnit Unit Tests into you build process
  • Introducing the New Authorize.NET SDK – Rob Conery discusses his guiding principle for a recent project to design an API for a payment provider, showing the API he ended up with and discussing the key decisions made to match these principles.


  • Get Your Special Edition WP7 User Group Kit! – A useful link for anyone running a Windows Phone 7 inspired User Group Event (for an official user group registered with here you can get USB drives loaded with software, t-shirts, phone protectors, etc to make your event go with a bang.