• Knockout 1.1.0 + new project site launched – Steve Sanderson announces the release of Knockout 1.1.0, the latest version of his JavaScript / HTML declarative binding MVVM library which makes it easy to build complex web based user interfaces. This new release includes Internet Explorer 9 support, improvements to the API, complete documentation, and to go with all that a new website for the project.


  • Raven’s dynamic queries – Ayende discusses a new feature for the RavenDB document database which will mean that you won’t need to declare indexes before querying against them, meaning that the engine will create the required indexes based on your queries.
  • Contributing to OpenWrap – Sebastien Lambla talks about how you can get involved in the OpenWrap project, walking through some important steps required to contribute code to the project, both procedural and version control related.
  • Integrate Html5 Form in ASP.NET MVC – Kazi Manzur Rashid looks at how you can render HTML5 controls to browsers which are capable of utilising them in ASP.NET MVC using the EditorFor function and custom templates for the editors.
  • Bug Fixes and Changes in ASP.NET MVC 3 Beta – Imran Baloch reviews the most significant changes and bugfixes included in ASP.NET MVC 3 Beta release, providing a useful reference for anyone considering upgrading.
  • LINQ: Implementing The SkipLastWhile Operator – Paulo Morgado continues his LINQ series looking at implementing operators which operate on the end of Enumberables with an implementation of the SkipLastWhile operator.
  • How to track an object which is Out of Scope while Debugging – Abhijit Jana looks at the use of Object ID Generation in the Visual Studio Debugger showing how it allows you to keep watches on objects regardless of the current scope showing it in use with plenty of screenshots for illustration.
  • NUnit and the Values Attribute – Jeff Vera takes a quick look at the NUnit Value attribute introduced in NUnit 2.5 which brings Pameterised test support, helping reduce complexity and repetition of test cases which vary only by a value.
  • SQL Server: How to insert million numbers to table fast? – Gunnar Peipman looks at a number of approaches and optimisations to adding a large number of records (in this case numbers) to a database table, showing how thinkg procedurally will only get you so far with SQL, and that Set Based operations are often the most optimal solutions in the DB
  • Zipping Build Outputs using a Build File – MsBuld Series – Mark Kemper continues his series on MSBuild exploring the use of the MSBuild.Community.Tasks to provide the ability to ZIP your build output as a part of the build pricess.
  • 31 Days of Windows Phone | Day #21: Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone – Jeff Blankenburg has been blogging a nice series on Windows Phone Development this month, and in his most recent post he explores the various additional User Interface Controls available to the Windows Phone Developer in the Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone 7.