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  • What is Functional Programming? Part 5, Bindings – Christopher Bennage continues his series of posts on Functional Programming with a quick look at bindings using the let keyword, exploring the true meaning of the keyword and the power it provides.
  • Introduction to Functional Languages – shares a video from ON Microsoft which is a 15 minute discussion of functional languages with Luke Hoban, the Program Manager for F#.
  • Rethinking user interface test automation – Gojko Adzic shares some thoughts based on Geoff Bache’s "Making GUI testing productive and Agile" presentation at Agile Testing Days 2010, discussing the brittleness of recorded tests, the use and abuse of assertions and some alternative approaches to UI testing.
  • Five rules for writing effective UI tests – Jimmy Bogard shares his top 5 rules for writing good UI tests, derived from his years of experience of creating UI tests and for working with some other talented developers. These rules can be applied regardless of the technologies used, and provide good food for thought, well worth reading before you attempt your latest UI testing
  • Extending ASP.NET MVC’s Validation – Mike Ormond shares this week’s MSDN Flash featured article from David Bending addressing the extensibility of ASP.NET MVC validation, showing how you can extend the platform to provide hooks for implementing custom complex validations.
  • RavenDB – Image Gallery Project (VII) – User Registration – Rob Ashton presses on with his RavenDB Image Gallery sample project, this time focusing on User Registration features, sharing the implementation of the business entities, services and integration tests.
  • Creating WIX Installer for ASP.NET Web Application – Petr Pechovic walks through the theory and process of building an installer for ASP.NET Web applications using the WIX installer in this Code Project article.
  • Integrating Prism v4 Region Navigation with Silverlight Frame Navigation – Karl Shifflett shares a sample application demonstrating the use of Prism V4 Region Navigation, and combining it with the the Silverlight 4 Frame Navigation showing how the two APIs can be combined.
  • Windows Phone 7 – Top 10 Tips for a Successful Marketplace Certification – ‘jodonnell’ shares a list of 10 key points to ensure you consider before submitting your applications to the marketplace for testing to help ensure that your application will pass the tests.
  • NHibernate 3 and Autofac, can go together? (part 1) – Context is King – Thang Chung explores using NHibernate 3 and the AutoFac IOC implementation together, and will be giving some background on each technology and showing some implementation. This first part looks at NHibernate 3.