It’s a Brew Anniversary today – 700 editions old today, and a useful time to remind you all that if you have had articles featured in The Morning Brew, or you are a reader of The Morning Brew you can get a badge to display on your blog or website asserting that fact – full instructions are in Edition 500.



  • jQuery Templates, Data Link, and Globalization Accepted as Official jQuery Plugins – Scott Guthrie proudly announces that the first three jQuery Plugins developed by Microsoft as a part of their partnership with the jQuery Project have now been officially accepted into the library. Scott gives a brief outline of the three plugins (jQuery Templates, jQuery Data Link, and jQuery Globalisation) along with links to the now official jQuery documentation.
  • Javascript Libraries and ASP.NET: A Guide to jQuery, AJAX and Microsoft – Dave Ward blogs on the MIX Online site about the new jQuery Plugins from Microsoft, along with looking at what the shift to jQuery has meant for the ASP.NET Ajax, Microsoft Ajax Library, ASP.NET Ajax Library and Ajax Control Toolkit projects giving a review of the origins and evolution of these projects
  • Developer Review – Four ASP.NET MVC View Engines – Jason Haley gives a detailed Developer Review of 4 of the most popular / common ASP.NET MVC View Engines, examining the WebFormsViewEngine, Spark, NHaml and Razor engines, looking at the features they offer compared to each other, and looks at them in use, giving a good basis to help you decide which to use for your projects.
  • Working with RavenDB Documents + Entities – The Debate – Rob Ashton takes a post aside from his RavenDB series to discuss the variety of possible solutions for working with Documents and Entities using RavenDB, looking at 4 approaches storing entiy data in the document store, looking at the pros and cons of each.
  • Defense in Depth: A Developer’s Perspective – Nick Harrison talks about the importance of having some level of depth in your security practices, talking about the importance of not just the network security infrastructure, but how developers should also put multiple layers of security into the code.
  • No backtracking, Part One – Eric Lippert talks about backtracking algorithms, and goes on to discuss how the C# compiler does no back tracking across the different phases of compilation, meaning each phase has to give a concrete solution, and examines this in the context of the lexing of expressions.
  • There’s no substitute for customer feedback! [Improving Windows Phone 7 application performance now a bit easier with LowProfileImageLoader and DeferredLoadListBox updates] – David Anson shares updates to the LowProfileImageLoader and DeferredLoadListBoc Windows 7 UI Classes which help improve the performance of Windows Phone 7 Applications. This update addresses a number of customer reported issues and suggestions.
  • Silverlight Sessions Coming to DevConnections Las Vegas November 1-4 – Dan Wahlin talks about some of the sessions he is going to be delivering at DevConnections, and gives a nice introduction to the MVVM (Model Viiew ViewModel) pattern in this blog post to set the scene for his more advanced session at the conference.


  • The European NHDay will be streamed online – Great news for anyone who was unable to attend the first NHibernate Conference, being held in Bologna this Saturday (9th October), they will be streaming the talks from both tracks live on UStream, with recordings to be made available for on-demand viewing after the event.
  • Want a Windows Phone 7? Here’s your chance! – Pete Brown highlights the full day MSDN Simulcast of the Windows Phone 7 launch event on Tuesday 12th October, 5 hours of streamed content live from the event covering a range of topics from the basics of building applications for the Phone, design guidelines, games development with XNA, to the market place and the cloud.