• Announcing NuPack, ASP.NET MVC 3 Beta, and WebMatrix Beta 2 – Scott Guthrie announces the release of new betas of ASP.NET MVC 3 and Web Matrix, along with a first public release of NuPack, an Open Source Package Manager for .NET which will provide (another) means of packaging open source libraries and make it easy for developers to add references to these projects.
    • Introducing NuPack Package Management for .NET – Another piece of the Web Stack – Scott Hanselman discusses NuPack in more detail looking at its command line and GUI based use, alogn with discussing a change in role for him at Microsoft where he will be working with the web technologies team to promote things link NuPack.
    • ASP.NET MVC 3 Beta Released – Phil Haack announces the ASP.NET MVC 3 Beta release, highlighting the detailed release notes, and discussing what is included and what is not included in this beta release, along with outlining the details of the next steps for MVC3.
    • Microsoft announces WebMatrix Beta 2 – The Official Microsoft Web Platform Team Blog announces the release of the 2nd Beta of WebMatrix, the completely free development environment for building simplified web applications on the Microsoft Stack
    • Introducing NuPack Package Manager – Phil Haack also shares some information and thoughts on NuPack, discussing the type of problem it is designed to solve, along with talking about the guiding principles of the project.
  • Mono 2.8 is out – Miguel de Icaza announces the release of Mono 2.8. This new release is a major update and contains C#4 support, the new Generational Garbage Collector, the inclusion of a number of new .NET Open Source licensed technologies from Microsoft, and much more.
  • WoVS Quick Add Reference VS Extension helps you say goodbye to the Add Reference Dialog – Greg Duncan highlights a new Visual Studio 2010 Extension which provides a solution to the always slow Add References Dialog. WoVS Quick Add Reference brings ReSharper like Add Reference support where you type the type name and the IDE suggests where that type lives and offers the ability to reference the assmebly.
  • Razor Syntax Highlighter for MVC 3 Beta – Ben from shares an updated ASP.NET MVC 3 Beta supporting extension for Visual Studio which adds syntax highlighting for the Razor View Engine


  • The Evolution of Package Management for .NET – Rob Reynolds talks about his involvement in the Nu / NuPack package management system, talking about his experiences of how the projects were created and managed, and why package management is important.
  • Unicorns, Triple Rainbows, Package Management and Lasers – Bil Simser shares an overview of NuPack, along with links to related posts from other well know bloggers, download links, and his story of its creation.
  • NuPack .NET package management open-source software released – developer Fusion – Chris Alexander reports of the release of NuPack, and includes details of discussions between Seb Lambla (of OpenRasta, and more recently OpenWrap fame) and Steve Balmer at a recent London event debating the Microsoft way of creating Open Source software.
  • Unobtrusive Client Validation in ASP.NET MVC 3 &Unobtrusive Ajax in ASP.NET MVC 3 – Brad Wilson discusses two of the new features of the ASP.NET MVC 3 Beta release. Unobtrusive Client Validation brings a clean unobtrusive way of adding validation via data attributes with consumer code in jQuery, and Unobtrusive Ajax also revolves round data attributes to add ajax functioanlity to standard forms
  • ASP.NET MVC 3 Service Location, Part 1: Introduction – Brad has also updated his 10 part ASP.NET MVC 3 series to contain the correct information relating to the Beta release
  • POCO Results for MVC Actions – Javier G. Lozano looks at extending ASP.NET MVC to allow your actions to return POCO (Plain Old CLR Objects) and ahve them automatically serialized to JSON using the NewtonSoft JSON.NET Serializer.
  • Experimental ASP.NET MVC Add-ins – Miike Hadlow explores the creation of a Plugin architecture for his ASP.NET MVC powered e-commerce shop, looking at using the Managed Extensibility Framework to provide this functionality.
  • October PragPub Magazine is here! – The Pragmatic Bookshelf announces the October edition of PragPub Magazine, available in PDF, epub, Mobi and HTML formats this edition contains articles on HTML5, agile programming, and good code.
  • Writing a Compiler in C#: Lexical Analysis – Sasha Goldshtein posts on the creation of a compiler implemented in C# for a simple programming language. In this post, setting the context of the language and exploring the lexical analysis involved in parsing code written in a programming language.
  • NHibernate 3 and Autofac, can go together? (part 2) – Thang Chung continues this series of posts with a look at the AutoFac Inversion of Control Container, and looks at wiring it up to support NHibernate use,
  • Announcing Bootstrap – a simple JS library for loading scripts – Scott Koon provides a simple bootstrapping function for the lazy inclusion of JavaScript libraries, only including them in the page when your custom JavaScript requires them.