500th Post Celebrations

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Today marks a major milestone in the publishing of The Morning Brew, being the 500th edition. I find it staggering that I’ve managed to produce this daily update every week day (minus public holidays of course) 500 times, it really doesn’t feel like I’ve been doing it that long. Of course, I’m not the only one to reach the 500 post milestone, but it still feels significant.

Since today is a milestone, I though it was a good time to do a little work on the blog as a whole, and since Tthe Morning Brew has somewhat taken over all the blogging here in the past 2 years I’m going make it the main feature here, and the observant of you (or those who read this on the actual site) will have noticed a few minor changes to the appearance of the blog, and most significantly the name of the blog is now ‘The Morning Brew’, and I will soon be migrating all the site over to being hosted at its new address of ‘http://www.TheMorningBrew.Net. The old address will be maintained in the form of redirects to the new address for all posts.

In addition to some name changes and a little bit of rebranding I’d also like to attempt a little marketing of The Morning Brew in the form of Blog Badges which you can place on your sites where you wish to link to The Morning Brew. These badges were produced for me by my friend and former colleague Derek Fowler almost a year ago, and I never got around to using them at the time, so a mix of ‘sorry’ and ‘thanks’ go to Derek for them.

If you would like to include them in your log, here is an HTML snippet for the general ‘I read The Morning Brew’ badges (they cycle randomly through different badges):

The Morning Brew - Daily .NET News and Views

Which will display something like:

The Morning Brew - Daily .NET News and Views

If you’ve had your articles featured in The Morning Brew you may wish to use the Contributor set of badges instead, in which case your HTML will need to look something like:

My articles have been featured in The Morning Brew - Daily .NET News and Views

Which will display a badge looking like:

My articles have been featured in The Morning Brew - Daily .NET News and Views

I’d be very happy to receive additional badges of the same dimensions, so if you have some design flair (which I don’t) and fancy having a go at creating a badge or two please feel free to send your attempts over and I’ll look at including them in the appropriate rotation.

There will be a few more changes to The Morning Brew over the coming weeks, including actual Morning Brew coffee mugs, a look at possibly including sponsorship / advertising, and a few other minor improvements. As always, if you have any suggestions or ideas please drop me a line.

Many thanks to the authors of the great articles I have the privilege of being able to link to, and to you for your readership over the past 500 editions. Here’s to the next 500!


  • LINQPad updated to support Data Services! – Chris Sells highlights a new beta release of LINQPad the tool which allows you to interactivly issue LINQ queries against a variety of backing sotres, and which as of this release now supports querying against OData powered services (such as WCF Data Services)
  • ADO.NET Data Services Update for .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 now available – Greg Duncan highlights the release of an update to ADO.NET Data Services which extends the functioanlity of the .NET 3.5 SP1 release of ADO.Net Data Services. Packages are available for all supported Windows Versions (with Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 having their own special version)