• Sesame: Spatial OData on Maps, Service Operations, HTTP Basic Authentication – Fabrice Marguerie announces the release of the latest beta of his Semame Data Browser, a tool for exploring OData data sources, which now includes support for HTTP Basic Authentication, viewing data on maps,support for functions with parameters and ‘Dallas’ CTP3 Data sources.
  • Extended WPF Toolkit – Release 1.1.0 – Brian Lagunas announces the latest version of the Extended WPF Toolkit. This new version adds support for .NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008, and gives you 5 controls, Busy Indicator, ColorPicker, MessageBox, Rich Text Box and child Window.
  • RhinoXNA 0.0.1 Released (First Alpha) – Matt Christian announces the first alpha release of RhinoXNA, a library on top of XNA which aims to make the creation of 2D games easier


  • MSDN Magazine: September 2010 Issue – The September edition of MSDN Magazine has been published online. This month’s focus is on Concurrency, with articles on Async programming with tasks, Throttling the .NET 4 ThreadPool, Programming with the Async Agents Library, along with articles on other topics including MapPoint, SharePoint, Silverlight, and migrating from .NET 1.1 to .NET 4.
  • Using AppDomains to make Non-Threadsafe code Threadsafe – Jeffrey Richter discusses a technique using AppDomains to isolate code which is not threadsafe and allow it to be called from multiple threads concurrently without side-effects.
  • Don’t let this get away – Jon Skeet takes a look at some of the intricacies of object construction in C# on .NET, and the dangers of partially created objects being accessed
  • Reimplementing LINQ to Objects: Part 1 – Introduction – Jon Skeet also begins a new series based on the ideas from his DDD talk on Reimplementing LINQ to objects. This blog series will look at re-implementing all the Linq to objects features from scratch and should give a really good overview of how it all actually works. This first part is an introduction, and includes the first drop of the code (just a couple of tests at the moment).
  • Managed Debugging with WinDBG and PSSCor2 – Paul Cociuba takes a look at using Windbg for debugging ahead of Visual Studio and explores the PSSCor2 debugging extension, giving a gentle walk through of the getting started process.
  • .NET 4.0 MEF FAQ (Socket, Plug and extension) – Shivprasad Koirala shares a quite pictorial introduction to the key concepts behind the Managed Extensibility Framework, showing simply how it can be used.
  • Fun with LINQ and Distinct() – Kirk Evans shows how a seemingly quite complex problem and code solution can be reduced to a small understandable LINQ statement
  • DateTime.Now in v4.0 Causes Dynamic Memory Allocations – Liran Chen explores a change in the way DateTime.Now functions on .NET 4 which introduces dyanmic memory allocations every time it is called. Liran illustrates this change with a look at the innards of the process using WinDBG
  • patterns & practices Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide – Mike Ormond highlights the second drop of the Patterns and Practices team’s guide to Windows Phone 7 development
  • Is Silverlight becoming a niche technology? – Simone Chiaretta responds to the discussions generated by ‘The Future of Silverlight’ post linked to yesterday, attempting to read between the lines of the official post. Lots of good discussion going on in the comments on this one.
  • Exploring IE9’s Enhanced DOM Capabilities – Travis Leithead of the Internet Explorer Team discusses the improvements made to the DOM in Preview , focusing on the 4 key areas of change, DOM object inheritance from native JavaScript objects , JavaScript functional harmony with DOM objects, Interoperable programming features and New ECMAScript 5 support applied to DOM objects.
  • First Experiences with Netduino and the .NET Micro Framework – Pete Brown takes a first look at the .NET Micro Framework and the Netduino Ardunio compatible board which runs the Micro Framework. Pete also looks at the development and deployment experience


  • Submit a Screencast to JetBrains.TV and Win a Free Pass to DevCon London 2010! – JetBrains announce their new website, the place for videos covering best practices and Jetbrains products, and along with this they launch a competition to win one of 10 passes to DevCon London (held 27-29th September in London). All you have to do to be in which a chance of winning is to submit a screencast on any JetBrains .NET Developer tool before 9th September