• TickSpec: An F# BDD Framework – Phillip Trelford announces TickSpec a BDD framework for F# which implements a subset of the standard Gherkin language, making use of several F# features such as tick methods, pattern matching and active patterns. Full code is available on the project’s CodePlex site.
  • JavaScriptDiff – Vladimir Bodurov shares a nice JavaScript based implementation of the longest common subsequence differencing algorithm which allows you to provide client side differencing of strings in your web applications.


  • Working with Code Snippets in VS.NET – Hajan takes a detailed and screenshot rich look at the Visual Studio support for custom code snippets to help improve the speed and accuracy of your coding, and share snippets amongst your team.
  • The Tier Interaction Profiler ( TIP ) – Cameron Skinner takes a look at the Visual Studio Premium edition feature ‘Tier Interaction Profiler’ which allows you to profile your web application and see what is going on at every level of the application’s execution
  • Reimplementing LINQ to Objects: Part 2 – "Where" – Jon Skeet continues his series looking at a re-implementation of Linq-to-Objects with a look at the implementation of the Where method in a test first manner
  • Determining if a type is defined in the .NET Framework – Scott Dorman shares a useful extension method which uses the known public key of the official .NET assemblies to establish if a type is from one of the framework assemblies
  • WebMatrix (Beta) appcmd.exe – James Osborne talks about appcmd.exe the command line access to all the tasks you could want to perform against IIS, showing a couple of sample command lines for performing common tasks.
  • SuperQ – A Portable Persistent .NET Queue – Ben Cull gives a run through of working with SuperQ, his persistent queue implementation which backs onto a SQL Compact Edition database created on demand, walking through the getting started aspects of working with this library.
  • .NET Micro Framework – Using alphanumeric LCDs – Szymon Kobalczyk continues his series of posts looking at the .NET Micro Framework and the Netduino board taking a look at working with the framework and alpha numeric displays sharing schematics and code showing how to achieve this.
  • Security Models: On Behalf Of – Ayende discusses a very useful feature which should be a part of your security system. ‘On Behalf Of’ allows a user to impersonate another user, which can be vital for support of an application, discussing some of the things you have to consider to implement this feature.
  • C#/.NET Five More Little Wonders That Make Code Better (2 of 3) – James Michael Hare continues his series of small features of the framework and language which if used can make your code better. This post examines Object and collection Initializers, statics, the using statement, and some string functions.
  • One Build to Rule Them All – John Sonmez discusses the importance of repeatable builds across development and continuous integration / build servers
  • Use gitk to understand git & Use gitk to understand git – merge and rebase – Joshua Flanagan takes a look at using gitk to visualize what is going on within your Git Repositories, explaining what the different parts of the display indicate, using a sample repositiory on GitHub to show the various features.


  • Update on the Windows Azure Platform online conference on the 20th of September – Eric Nelson gives an update on the state of the Azure online conference now that he has switched jobs at Microsoft and handed the organisation of the event on to his successor(s). Registration will eb opening soon, and there is already a skeleton agenda published
  • DDD Dublin Call For Speakers – Guy Smith-Ferrier issues a reminder that the call for speakers for the DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Ireland event to be held on Saturday 9th October in Dublin is open for a few more days, so if you are interested in speaking at a great conference get your proposal submitted.
  • An Exceptionally good evening with Phil Winstanley (In person) – The Manchester VBUG group has Phil Winstanley delivering his Exception Driven Development session on Wednesday 22nd September, talking in depth on a variety of different Exception Handling across ,NET and JavaScript.