• Reactive Extensions for .NET – Event-based Async Operations – Matthew Podwysocki continues his series of posts on the Reactive Extensions for .NET, going back to basics with a look at why we need reactive programming, looking at the increasing need to perform asynchronous event based programming and how the Reactive Extensions make this kind of work easier.
  • It really happened, legacy programmers tales – Ayende shares some real world coding horrors in the form of the ‘Super If’, a monster of a condition statement, and the ‘Blackhole Method’ that could absorb whole code bases.
  • Super Simple CQRS Example – Greg Young shares the code of a simple Command Query Responsibility Segregation sample which weighs in at around 500 lines which provides a nice illustration of some of the key concepts of CQRS. I look forward to Greg’s future posts on this sample.
  • Race Conditions Don’t Exist – Udi Dahan discusses the nature of Race Conditions, and how they typically don’t occur in business applications, and where they appear to be is often an indication that there are some further requirements to be discovered
  • Crack .Net Applications 101 – Part 2 – Mark Pearl continues his series looking at decompilation of .NET assemblies taking a look at some of the techniques you can use to help prevent users ‘hacking’ your restricted application to enable additional features.
  • Developer’s Guide to Enterprise Library released! – Grigori Melnik highlights the release of the latest Patterns and Practices book. The ‘Developers Guide to Enterprise Library’ aims to provide a primer on the Enterprise Library enabling you to easily select and understand the components that make up the library. The book is available in a variety of forms, including HTML available freely on the MSDN site.
  • Another way to Get Start ASP.NET MVC 3 (Preview 1) – Imran Baloch looks at an alternative way to get ASP.NET MVC 3 Preview 1 up and running on your machine without the aid of installers, manually constructing an MVC3 project from and MVC 2 project and referencing the framework source
  • The Great Silverlight Competency Test [2] – Jesse Liberty posts up the second question in his Silverlight Competency Test, a series of complex and open ended programming questions on a variety of Silverlight topics which should take a good Silverlight Dev about an hour each.
  • .NET Micro Framework – Netduino Controlled Servo Robot – Szymon Kobalczyk shares his second Netdurino powered robotic experiment, this time using the SERB robot but re-fitting it with the Netdurino board and programming it in .NET Micro Framework, and hooking up a joystick controller to control its movements.
  • How To : Communicate between two user-controls using Event Aggregator – Kranthi takes an introductory look at using the Silverlight Event Aggregator to allow two controls to communicate in a safe manner, sharing the sample code for the article.
  • Practical Tools for Analyzing Concurrency – Code Stepping – Phil Pennington looks at some of the improvements made in the Visual Studio 2010 debugger for better working with Concurrent code exploring a number of the features by way of a worked example debugging session


  • DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Dublin – 9th October 2010 – The Developer Developer Developer series of events moves over the Irish Sea for DDD Ireland to be held in Dublin on the 9th October 2010. Currently the call for speakers is underway, so if you are interested in speaking at this event get your session proposals in (you have until 13th September) Registration for the event opens on the 22nd September and judging by the current proposed session list its going to be a great event.
  • Building Windows Phone 7 Apps? Head to Irish Open Spaces Coding Day! – Martha Rotter provides another reason to attend the Irish Open Spaces Coding Day, the ability to get your hands on some Windows Phone 7 Development Devices and to try your application on the real hardware.
  • VBUG Portsmouth: Hyper-V for Developers – VBUG Portsmouth have Liam Westley joining them on Thursday 20th September to deliver his Hyper-V for Developers session giving an introduction to what Hyper-V is, and how it can make your development life easier.