• New Version of My Free GUI for the Microsoft Ajax Minifier – Jorge Ramon shares the latest version of his GUI wrapper for the Microsoft Ajax Minifier which helps you to produce the smallest most optimal version of your JavaScript code without having to use the command line providing a simple UI to configure and perform the minification.
  • I find you "Ultra!" – Ultra Find VS2010 Add-in (Think "Find in Files++") – Greg Duncan highlights Ultra Find, a Visual Studio extension, available on the Visual Studio Gallery, which provides powerful search capabilities as a replacement for the standard find in files functionality, offering searches for classes and methods, exclude file patterns, and much more.
  • posh-git Release v0.2 – Keith Dahlby announces the release of posh-git v0.2, a set of scripts which provide integration of git into the PowerShell environment
  • CSLA 4 version 4.0.1 released – Rockford Lhotka announces version 4.0.1 of his CSLA application framework which is a bugfix release which addresses a number of issues in the 4.0 release
  • Visual Studio LightSwitch beta Training Kit Now Available for Download – ‘gduthie’ highlights the release of a Developer Training Kit for the LightSwitch beta release which contains demos and hands on labs sessions which walk through the process of creating a LightSwitch application, and building and packaging extensions for users to use.


  • Compiler|Interpreter Warnings Are Important Learning Opportunities – Davy Brion talks about the role of Compiler / Interpreter warnings as a useful educational tool for helping you to write better code, and how you can enable Warnings as Errors which will prevent your build from succeeding if there are errors.
  • Managing business object locks on application level – Gunnar Peipman takes a look at building a solution for locking business objects on a single server at the application level, allowing your application to safely work with a particular object while preventing other threads from accessing that object. Full code is provided for download.
  • The Joy of Moq – Multiple Interfaces – The ‘Bare Bones Coder’ shows how the Moq mocking framework allows you to construct mock objects which implement multiple interfaces.
  • Implementation of an Observer – Abhishek Sur looks at implementing the Observer pattern to provide a way of implementing notifications, exploring the origins of the Observer and some of the theory behind them, along with sample code showing the implementation.
  • The Task Parallel Library Series – The Task Class – Steve Strong continues his series of posts on the Task Parallel Library introduced in .NET 4 with a look at how the Task class makes it very easy to implement parallelized work with the ability to know when the parallel work is completed.
  • HTTP Optimization the easy way: Part 1, how do I know? – Scott Galloway talks about optimising the performance of your web applications by reducing requests to the server and making the data you do transmit make the most of the available bandwidth.
  • Crack .Net Applications 101 – Part 1 – Mark Pearl takes an introductory look at disassembly of .NET executables using Reflector and Reflexil, and how these tools make it quite easy to view and alter the contents of .NET assemblies.
  • Overview of Data Validation in LightSwitch Applications – Prem Ramanathan takes a look at the validation support provided in Visual Studio LightSwitch which allow you to add data integrity rules to your application with little effort, exploring a variety of different validations in a sample application.
  • More on SVG – Jennifer Yu of the Internet Explorer Team talks about the importance of SVG for the modern web, HTML5 and the hardware accelerated support for it in Internet Explorer 9
  • Performance: Profiling how different web sites use browser subsystems – IEBlog – Site Home – MSDN Blogs – Jason Weber (also of the IE team) discusses the different amounts of use that different website generate on the core components of the Web Browser, and how understanding this breakdown can help to optimise the browser platform for optimal use.
  • Rx on the server, part 4 of n: Buffering output to a stream – Jeffrey van Gogh continues his series looking at the use of the Reactive Extensions for .NET on the server-side, looking in this part at the use of Rx in providing buffering for stream output.
  • Testing Rx – Jeffrey van Gogh highlights a Channel 9 video in which he discusses the new testing functionality which is now a part of the Reactive Extensions
  • Demonstrating CLR Side-by-Side Execution – Sasha Goldshtein shares a sample which illustrates the ability to run .NET 2.0 and .NET 4 side by side in the same process by having two COM libraries written in managed code each targeting different versions of the framework, and loading them both in a C++ application.
  • TSQL: Passing array/list/set to stored procedure (MS SQL Server) – Denis Gladkikh looks at the variety of different ways of passing an array of values into a stored procedure in SQL Server, exploring delimited strings, bulk insert and the newly introduced table valued parameters.
  • The Bricks Game – Tetris for Silverlight – Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira walks through the creation of a Tetris clone created in Silverlight 4 using the styles and themes and MVVM style of development
  • I am an Exception Extremist – John Sonmez talks about his dislike of throwing exceptions, discussing some defensive programming techniques we can use in preference to throwing exceptions, and sharing some best practices for web we really have to throw exceptions.
  • PropertyOf and INotifyPropertyChanged.PropertyChanged without strings – Fabrice Marguerie looks at a technques which allows you to write INotifyPropertyChanged and PropertyOf implementations which do not rely on strings
  • Experimenting with enterprise level bus messaging – Sacha Barber takes a detailed introductory look at the NServiceBus project for implementing a message passing architecture exploring the theory behind the architecture and how NServiceBus implements it.
  • The Programmer’s Body – Scott Hanselman reminds us not to take our bodies for granted and to look after ourselves as our profession as programmers does tend to keep us trapped (hunched) behind a desk, and how that can have serious knock on effects on our health.


  • Andreas Öhlund on NServiceBus on 29 September 2010 – The European Virtual Alt.NET group have a presentation from Andreas Öhlund on the evening of Wednesday 29th September 2010, starting at 7:00 GMT (8pm UK). In the presentation Andreas will be giving a hands on introduction to NServiceBus, showing how to get started developing with the project.
  • Douglas Crockford: Crockford on JavaScript – Scene 6: Loopage – (52 min.) – The Yahoo! User Interface team share the latest instalment of Douglas Crockford’s talk series on the JavaScript language. This sixth session looks at event loops and server side JavaScript, and the video of the session is available in a variety of formats.