• Good morning #NHibernate 3 … – Fabio Maulo tweets the release of NHibernate 3.0.0 Alpha1 available in both Binary and Source from SourceForge this version sees the usual bugfixes and improvements, along with new features such as Lazy Loading of individual columns, alias delimiting in generated SQL and improved support for DetachedCriteria use with IStatelessSession. There is also a breaking change in the handling of null values in maps / dictionaries
  • An intro to what OpenWrap is – Seb Lambla takes the wraps off Open Wrap, his latest project and an answer to those package management problems we’ve all encountered. OpenWrap is designed to make obtaining the correct version of libraries easy be it at development, deploy or runtime.
  • CSLA 4 release – Rockford Lhotka announces the official release of his CSLA 4 application framework which now in includes support for .NET 4, Silverlight 4 and Visual Studio 2010. This a major upgrade from the version 3 release, and as such includes a number of major new features and improvements, along with the occasional breaking change, so be sure to read the changelog.
  • Web Farm Framework 2 Beta released – Chris Alexander highlights the release of the Web Farm Framework 2 Beta, a system which makes it easy to scale out your web applications in both configuration and deployment. The Web Farm Framework is based on the Web Platform Installer and Application Request Routing and handles the complex cases of deploying web applications across a farm of servers.