• MSDN: Double the Azure – Somasegar announces the doubling of the length of the MSDN Subscription Windows Azure Benefit, taking MSDN Subscribers complementary account to 16 months
  • New Features in Fiddler Beta – Eric Lawrence announces the beta release of Fiddler which contains a number of new features and fixes including Regex support in Find, improved session compare, and some improvements to the SyntaxView inspector add-in
  • Dojo 1.5 is Out and it’s Feature Packed! – Rey Bango over on Ajaxian highlights the release of version 1.5 of the Dojo JavaScript Framework, with a number of improvements to the Dijit UI library, HTML 5 and CSS3 feature support, along with some new features for mobile web apps.
  • MVVM Light Hotfix for Windows Phone 7 developer tools beta – Laurent Bugnion announces a hot fix for his MVVM Light Toolkit V3 SP1. The hot fix updates the templates to support the reorganised assemblies of the latest Windows Phone 7 SDK beta.


  • Rx on the server, part 1 of n: Asynchronous System.IO.Stream reading – Jeffrey van Gogh starts a series of posts focusing on the use of the Reactive Extensions on the Server side, providing a different view on the topic than is provided in many client side tutorials for Rx. In this part Jeffrey looks at using RX to read a file.
  • Improving testability with the Castle Dictionary Adapter – Ben Hall takes a look at the Castle Dictionary Adapter, soon to become a core part of Castle Windsor (in the 2.5 release), showing how it can be used to help break dependencies on the ConfigurationManager and provide a typed mockable interface onto the untyped values in the dictionary.
  • Testing Routing and URL Generation in ASP.NET MVC – Brad Wilson shows how you can implement good tests for your incoming and Outgoing ASP.NET MVC routes, showing example tests and providing stub implementations for the dependencies
  • Driving CRUD screens with BDD – Gojko Adzic talks about the use of Behaviour Driven Development to drive the development of Create Read Update Delete (CRUD) screen
  • Graph Colouring with Simple Backtracking, Part Three – Eric Lippert continues his exploration of Graph Colouring taking a look at the implementation of a simple backtracking algorithm to solve the problem.
  • 10 Commandments of Usability – David Laribee kicks off a series of posts looking at Jakob Nielsen’s 10 Commandments of Usability, looking at how they can be applied to software development. This first post is a introduction, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.
  • Extension Methods and the Debugger – Jared Parsons looks into the occasional strange behaviour of the Visual Studio Debugger when looking at evaluating (or not evaluating) extension methods, discussing its cause due to lazy loading of assemblies.
  • Windows Phone 7 Design Resources – UI Guide and Design Templates – Sean Jenkin highlights the recently released Windows Phone Developer Tools, along with the Version2 release of the UI Design and Interaction Guide for Windows Phone 7 and the Design Templates for Windows Phone
  • C# Fundamentals: Combining Enum Values with Bit-Flags – James Michael Hare follows on from one of his earlier back to basics posts on enums, taking a look this time at the use of Enums as Bitwise values and the use of the Flags attribute
  • Automate and Improve Your Database Maintenance Using Ola Hallengren’s Free Script – Brad McGehee highlights the Database Maintenance scripts from Ola Hallengren which provide a comprehensive suite of maintenance stored procedures which will help you perform the vital maintenance that DBAs recommend to keep your database in tip top condition.
  • PowerShell Cookbook (site, not book)- Short, simple yet still sweet – Greg Duncan highlights the PowerShell Cookbook website (nothing to do with the O’Reilly book) which provides a nice collection of bite sized selection of tips and how-to mini-articles starting out at the installation and looking at common use cases for PowerShell scripts.


  • mvcConf recap: (M)egacool (V)irtual (C)onference – Brian Schroer shares his thoughts on mvcConf, the free virtual ASP.NET MVC conference held yesterday. I also enjoyed the parts of the conference I was able to watch (the time zones made it a little tricky for me) and am looking forward to watching the recordings when they are released.