• Class Designer PowerToys for Visual Studio 2010 is Released – ‘wanglie1986’ announces the release of the Class Modelling Power Toys for Visual Studio 2010. These tools improve the experience of working with the class designer in 2010 providing features like pan/zoom functionality, improved formatting support, HTML Export, and nested type creation
  • FluentValidation 1.3 Released – Jeremy Skinner announces the release of FluentValidation 1.3 his C# based validation library with a Fluent Interface, available for Silverlight and standard .NE, with the Silverlight build now targeting Silverlight 4, with improvements to the testing support, NotEmptyValidator, cascade and When/Unless. Jeremy also outlines the future plans for FluentValidation 2.0
  • YUI 3.2.0 Preview Release 1: Touch Event Support, Gestures, Transitions, CSS Grids, ScrollView, Uploader, and More – Eric Miraglia announces the preview release of the Yahoo User Interface library 3.2.0, available to download or hosted on the Yahoo CDN, this release provides an early look at some of the features they have planned for the actual 3.2.0 release
  • ASP.NET dynamic language support is open source – Jimmy Schementi announces the release of the supporting library for ASP.NET dynamic languages support under the Apache License (Version 2) meaning that the library is now Open Source
  • SQLCop A Tool To Highlight Potential Problems With Your Database – SQLDenis announces the first release of SQLCop, an FxCop like tool which will inspect your database and report on any potential problems it finds, along with providing information on resolving the issues


  • Rx on the server, part 2 of n: Asynchronous StreamReader – Jeffrey van Gogh continues his series looking at the use of the Reactive Extensions for .NET on the server side looking at how the reactive extensions can help make the synchronous StreamReader into an asynchronous implementation.
  • The Boy Scout Rule – Hans-Eric discusses the Boy Scout Rule for software as popularised by ‘Uncle’ Bob Martin looking at its role in your software development process and some of the benefits it brings.
  • Graph Colouring, Part Four – Eric Lippert continues his series on graph colouring with a look at colouring the South America map, looking at representing the geographic relations between countries and applying the solver to work out the colourings
  • The Future of .NET Open Source Software Delivery – Rob Reynolds discusses the current approach to .NET package management, and outlines how the nu project helps solve these issues making it easier to get the dependencies you need.
  • LINQ to JS – ‘nmarun’ looks at the use of the LINQ to JS JavaScript library which brings some of the power of LINQ to browser based programming allowing you to work with Enumerable collections in JavaScript as you can on the server side, illustrating with some sample use cases.
  • How To Build Custom Rake Tasks; The Right Way – Derick Bailey shares the simplest way of creating a Rake task implementation, learnt the hard way during the development of his albacore project
  • Code Contracts and Automated Testing are pretty much the same thing – Patrick Smacchia discusses Code Contracts, an new addition to the .NET tool set in .NET 4, and looks at how they are actually very similar to automated testing practices.
  • Designing on different levels of abstractions with Event-Based Components & Improving the Event-Based Components Desktop Calculator – Ralph Westphal continues his series of posts exploring using Event based design practices to design software, sharing a worked example based on a calculator


  • Glasgow Scot Alt.Net beers – The Scotish Alt.Net group announce their Alt.Net Beers event to be held in Glasgow on the evening of Friday 6th August, where much beer be consumed and development will be discussed
  • Going to the MVP summit next year? Why not sign up with GeekGive? – Barry Dorrans highlights a GeekGive event being organised for around the MVP Summit in February 2011 where volunteers will work with Northwest Harvest in Seattle to help feed the hungary.
  • YouTrack for OSS Projects – Hadi Hariri announces the availability of a hosted JetBrains YouTrack instance for people running open source projects. The installation is being hosted along side the CodeBetter TeamCity instance which currently build many popular open source projects from their version control systems.